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Olivia May – Don’t Look

I adore what Olivia May does, I think she is an incredibly beautiful talented lady and this year she released her latest album Don’t Look and it is a first rate album the production quality is excellent you can tell in her latest single Ruins. It is upbeat pop music that has hints of rock like the opening track Lost In The Crowd. The song writing for this type of music is polished and first rate. Olivia music would easily could be played on radio and people would be hooked. Tonight is another track that let’s her vocals shine it’s more of a ballad type track but still has power and passion and grabs you. Fire reminds me a lot of her song Ruins has the same style of energy and passion. Eh Eh is a catchy number and I love her vocals they truly shine, her voice is on fire. Miami has got an acoustic vibe with a catchy beat behind it. Her vocals shine here and the song is different type of pace to the rest of the album but adds something special. Stay is another song that deserves radio play the use of the piano, the beats the way is structured and how Olivia sings truly works. Leaving You Behind is a great way to finish off the album, it’s a solid song that highlights how amazing is with her song writing, lyrics and vocals. You also get a bunch of acoustic versions of some of the songs off the album. Overall it’s a great album by Olivia, she has put out something she should be really proud of. She is a fantastic talent and everything she does here is first rate and you should be listening to it.


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