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Nikki Webster

Nikki Webster
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Interview With Nikki Webster By Chris

She captured our hearts at the Sydney Olympics.
She older now and I wanted to find up what she’s been up
to. So I did.


1. How was the whole Olympic experience for you in

It was great meeting so many amazing people and just being
part of the ceremony

2. Did you ever imagine that you would be doing the
Sydney Olympics?

I don’t think any one could even think of doing something
like this I still pinch myself

3. How has your singing career going?

Great I will be bringing out an album and DVD in November
this is the 4th also working hard on new songs and

4. Is there anybody you would most like to do a duet

There are so many Christine Agruliera

5. Would you ever think about doing a different style of

A Of course I am alway looking for new influences

6. Is there any song you would most like to cover but

I covered most of them in my lets dance album

7. What are some of your favourite


8. What would we find on your stereo at the

Nothing because I am studying

9. How were the Arias this year?

Great as usual its great to get to mingle with

10. What are some of your favourite movies?

Man on fire at the moment

11. What have you seen recently that you

Shrek 2

12. What in the pipeline for you next?

More song writing and travel the rest you will have to wait
and see.

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