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Loads of my favorite musicians have new tunes and albums coming out. So I’m gonna give them some love.

Earl has a new album coming out next month called Tongue Tied coming out next month and yours truly will be getting it.  You can pre order it via her website

Jillette Johnson also has a new album coming out and yes I will be getting it. New album All I Ever See In You Is Me – out 28/7/17

Danielle Deckard has a new EP out called This Is How I Dance and it’s out now and her last EP was amazing, this will be killer.

My favorite Courtney Jaye has a new project called Rogue + Jaye which has their debut album Pent Up out this week and I will be getting. Courtney rocks and this will be excellent. Been getting excellent buzz.

Smoking Martha debut album In Deep is being launched this month and next month I will be at the Melbourne launch.




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