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Mike From My Cousin Ray Answers My Questions

1. how did My Cousin Ray form?

My Cousin Ray is a band that formed around a year and a half ago, in
northern New Jeresey. It was just a group of tight friends who all
many forms of punk rock, and decided to bring there talents together
for fun
at first….originaly it was a four person band with our singer steve
guitar as well….after a about a year the band decieded it would be a
idea for steve to concentrate on his vocals(after they got more
serious), so
they started auditioning for guitarists, and Im who they ended up with

2. what has been your favourite band to watch?

Right now for me, it is any band that puts their heart in a live
performance and gives the kids something to remember.

3. who are your listening to at the moment?

Im always listening to the Dillinger Escape Plan, because they are
favorite band, and my bigest influence. Besides that its bands like,
the well, tacking back sunday, ensign, and I-Farm(but thats just
what cds I put in my car today, the list in endless)

4. what has been your favourite band to play with
While we have played with many cool bands, one that I make a point
drop what im doing whenver we play with them, and watch is Hidden in
View…..They are very talentated and fun to watch, but the most
band we have ever played with is punchline from pennsylvania.

5. how did september 11 affect the band?

While I wasnt in the band at the time, I was still close friends
with our
other guitarist Ryan. I think that particular event has just made us
look at international affiars more closely, and question what is
around us more.

6. when will the ep be released?

The EP will be dropped within a month, unfourtantley no one has
to put it out. So we will release it ourselves, and anyone who wants a
can email me at [email protected] and we will get it to them. But we
also been writing a whole new batch of much more melodic songs that
probobly be recorded as the follow up to “My Bitter Summer”(our
ep) not too long after, and we will do everything we can to release it
in due
time after “My Bitter Summer” we always want to be putting out new
stuff. its
our ambition to be a band who is giving our fans something new all the
not to ride out succes of any particular album.

7. is the band a full time job?

The bands main goal is to make music a full time job. we dont care
if we
were rich, but we want it to be our lives. we want to be able to get
music to as many people as posible. However we truly have more fun
live than doing anything. So if that could be a full time ocupation
even if
we had to live by very modist means, we would jump at the chance.

8. do you get any emails from fans overseas like myself?

No, we really dont. We have recieved a few emails from a fan in
who liked what they heard on This is very new to us, but
one of our most proudest moments so far. We work very hard here in the
states just to be known by very few people, so when we hear of someone
another country so far away that has apreciated us, we feel that all
the work
we have done is paying off. it is very satisfying.

9. if you were to play on the simpsons where would you play?

This is a dream question of mine to answer since it is my favorite if we were to play on the simpsons I think playing a show at
would be my proudest moment

Thanks For Your Time Any Last Words

Thank you so much for showing interest in us. We would love to
come out
there and tour your country, and hangout with you all. Unfourtantely
only way that will happen is if you the music lovers of austrailia show
support. So go to download our stuff, and if you like what you
spread the word, and hopefully well see you all soon.
Thanks Again Mike

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