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Miss Elm – Hybrid (Big Rig Records)

Miss Elm latest EP Hybrid is a delight to the ears with a well produced, well written and performed EP that shows of the strength of the song writing, musicianship and vocals. Bitter Taste opens up the EP with a catchy tune with a catchy beat. I love the use of the keys on the song and the backing beat. Facebook Never Lies has got a Caribbean groove to it with the use of Uke and it’s a nice touch, catchy beat, feel good vibe is a winner. Invisible Lines has a dark haunting vibe to the song and I love it, it’s well written and performed and good vocals. Puzzle Pieces is another cool tune, good energy, good lyrics and musicianship. Silence finishes off the EP nicely with more of a laid back track with a bit of a drum beat to it. The use of acoustic is a nice touch. This a great EP, good production, good songs that are memorable and enjoyable to the ears. This is an artist going from strength to strength and this is worth very much your time.

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