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Midtown Violets – Don’t Give Up

American country duo Midtown Violets have released their debut release Don’t Give Up and as expected its a corker of a release, well produced with both Karen Waldrup and Ashley K Thomas singing and both their vocals work well together. The musicianship is first rate as is the songwriting. Its good country music done right. Don’t Give Up would be one of my picks of the release, it’s a big song that shows off the musicianship, vocals and songwriting as well as the production. It starts off the release in the right foot. Holding My Hand is a good solid country tune and has good musicianship, vocals and melodies. You have also songs like Marrying You which are big ballad tune that shows of the songwriting the vocals and of course the musicianship. There are seven songs in total and they are all solid tunes that deliver. If you’re in to checking out new country music give this duo a go you will not be disappointed. You can get a copy of the release here on ITunes

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