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Midtown did midtown form?

We’ve been playing shows when we were in different
bands during high school and weren’t happy with the
bands we were in at the time so when we all went to
college we got together and just starting writing
music together and then practicing all the time at a
local rehersal space or in the basement of the dorms.

2.who has been your favourite band to play with?

Oh man, so many, I love playing with The Movielife,
Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, NFG, Blink, Hot Rod
Circuit, River City High, Dashboard. I love those
bands. has september 11 affected the band?

It was so crazy, we were doing pre-production in L.A.
at the time and were just totally in shock of
everything. We were even like, “L.A. is next, we
should go camp out in the desert for a few days.” We
didn’t do that and weren’t really serious about it but
it just really makes you think about everyday life and
how we have to appreciate everyday.

4.what has been your favourite gig?

I don’t have one show that I specifically like more
than others but whenever there are tons of kids
singing along, that always makes it memorable for me.

5.when will your new album be released in australia?

Hopefully Around April/May.

6.are you looking forward to play with Jimmy Eat World?

They’re so great, we just did some shows with them in
the U.S. and now we’re going to the U.K. to do some
shows. We’re just lucky that not only do we get to
play the shows with them, but we get to watch them
every night. did the split ep with millencolin come about ?

Burning Heart set it up and we had met Millencolin at
Warped Tour in 2000 so they were happy to do it.

I actually think we may have a 4 way split coming out
in Australia soon with some other bands, I believe
one of them is Blue Line Medic, I don’t have any info
but hopefully I’ll find it out soon. THat band is

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