• January 26, 2021

Michelle Baena

Michelle Baena

Photos by Chaz Photographics

Michelle Baena what can. I say but she is stunning. Such a beautiful woman. She is in her 40’s but she looks like she in her early 30’s seriously. She really is that good looking. She really takes care of herself.

She dedicated to her kids which I love, she is a vegan, she hard working and determined in all that she does, be it modelling her work and her life. She really is such a natural beauty. She can look stunning with little make up on and she still looks like a million dollars. She is also genuine. Why she gives some one like me the time of day, She went out of her way to actually try and meet up with me when I was in America, but her schedule on the day didn’t work out. But I am grateful for her actually trying to make it happen. So this lady I will always be supporting.

Any one who is grateful for the support, no matter how big or small like Michelle is with me and the love I give her on the site is awesome. Has great taste music and I can talk about Michelle for long as I can but this person is the real deal, she is who she is and that is awesome to me. So Michelle is my site second beauty of the week. Long as I run my site here she will have my support on my site always.



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