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Michelle Ellen Jones


Michelle Ellen Jones I interviewed last week and to me was one of the best interviews I have done this year. She was a total sweetheart, gave great answers and was a all round pleasure to interview. I plan to keep interviewing her again for the site, as I believe she has the talent to go very far. So naturally I am making her a beauty of the week again on my site. She is an actor from Houston Texas and a rising one at that. With a number of roles behind her belt, she is doing some good work in her career so far. She also does ballroom dancing and a few other things.  She has been in such movies as Conjoined, Helen Alone, Killing Mr Right, Dawn Of The Crescent Moon and a role in the upcoming movie The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter.  I also think she is an incredibly beautiful women, just look at she is gorgeous. Just the few reasons why she is my beauty of the week on my site and why I think she is going so far.

You can hear the interview here

Find out more about her here

Last two photos by Rapheal Brown- Digital Icon Photography.

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