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Meng Lau

Meng Lau
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Interview With Meng Lau By Chris 4/3/08

Meng Lau is a model,designer and also a nursing student who is extremely gorgeous, so I wanted to know more and what I got was a good interview, so enjoy

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1. Did you ever think you would be a model?

1.No, I never thought that I could be a model. I grew up in a predominately white community in Iowa, and I never really fit in. I was the awkward one when I was younger. Beanpole looking with perm hair that my mother insisted on torturing with.

2. What has been the highlight of being a model so far?

2.The highlight of being a model so far is reaching out to minorities who are also trying to break into the entertainment business. I have so many supporters and it has been amazing.

3. How did you get involved with Maxim & Stuff Magazine?

3.My ex-boyfriend sent in my picture and I got called to do the shoot for Maxim. Stuff Magazine saw my shoot in Maxim and asked me to do their magazine.

4. Has that helped your modeling career?

4.Yes and No. Yes, it helped my modeling career by promoting my face in a national magazine. Unfortunately, sometimes all of the offers I get for modeling are just for lingerie or bikini. It gets kind of boring sometimes doing the same thing.

5. Do you have plans to do more with them?

5.I am open to do anything with the magazines. All they have to do is just give me a call.

6. How did you get involved in designing stuff?

6.I could never find clothing that fit me correctly that I liked, so I decided to make my own dresses and people loved it. They wanted me to make dresses for them. I guess that is kind of how I came to designing.

7. Have you had any bad feedback rude comments so far?

7.Being a model is harsh. You receive so many criticisms. You just have to be strong and deal with it. I get people criticizing me just by my appearance, especially when I appeared in Maxim. I had no say in the photos that the magazine picked, and I don’t think that they are the best photos of me, but I got such hard reviews by readers of the magazine. Gees, I never knew people had so much time on their hands to comment about me. But I guess that’s how it will always be when you are in the public eye. I’m flattered that they care about me so much that they have to comment about it. It’s all superficial comments, so it really doesn’t bother me.

8. What do you do stay in shape?

8.Honestly, I don’t do much to stay in shape. I am lucky to have genes that allow me to stay thin so I can eat whatever I want.

9. Has the Internet helped you get modeling jobs?

9.Yes, it has helped me get jobs.

10. Do you think it is a good tool?

10.I think the Internet is an amazing tool to get your face out there.

11. Why did you chose what you are studying?

11.I started out going to college after high school set on becoming a doctor. Circumstances did not let me finish. I guess I have to explore life before I made any final decisions, and I did. The creation of life and the process of birth is awesome and what better way to help people and enjoy what I do then to become an Obstetric nurse.

12. Which Magazine would you most like to be on the cover for?

12.I would love to be on the cover of W. I kind of doubt I would ever get on it. You don’t see many Asians on the cover of any magazines.

13. What kinda shoot would most not do?

13.I would not do anything pornographic.

14. What do you to keep yourself fit?

14.Not much.

15. What is on your stereo at the moment?

15.IZ… an Hawaiian singer.

16. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

16.White Strips, Louis Armstrong, Beethoven, and so much more…

17. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

17.No Country for Old Men, I am Legend (love zombie movies)

18. What are your favorite movies?

18.Zombie Movies, Period pieces

19. What is next for you?

19.I’m up for anything.

20. Who would you most like to work with?

20.I wouldn’t mind doing a sexy shoot with Angelina Jolie

21. How hard is the degree you are doing?

21.Fucking hard as hell, especially when applying for nursing program.

22. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

22.I have no one in specific; I really enjoy working with a lot of different people.

23. Are you recognized a lot from what you do?

23.No, you probably won’t recognize me. I’m pretty studious looking. Not many people even glance twice at me. It’s kind of nice.

24. What has been your favorite shoot so far?

24. My favorite shoot was probably for a line of men’s underwear. I posed with a lot of gorgeous guys.

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