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Mike From Maverick Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did the band form?

the band formed as a 3 piece (Bryce, Mike, and Trevor)in August 2001.
It was just a fun project but we started writing really good songs.
So we started playing 2 months after forming.

2. what has been your favourite gig?

To date.. our first CD release show on december 7th 2002 was great!

3. what would you classified the band style as?

We like to call it aggressive indie/rock

4. who are your influnces?

At the Drive In, Thursday, Coheed and Cambria

5. who do you enjoy playing with?
We like playing w/ our friends in Paulson alot.. they are an amazing band!

Another really good band we play with alot is My Cousin Ray..

6. what it is your stereo at the moment?
The Pilfers…i’m a sucker for good ska music.

7. if you could be in a cartoon show what would it be?

Definitley South Park

8. what inspired you to play music

For me it was the band Nirvana, Bryce was always into Metallica.

Trevor’s inspirations come from jazz.. and Justin loves the hip-hop! so thats really it

thanks for your time any last words

yes… Friends don’t let friends become Scenesters.

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