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Marla Sokoloff

Marla Sokoloff
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Interview With Marla Sokoloff By Chris

Marla Sokoloff is most known for her day job.
But she is a excellent singer songwriter too.
She will go far with her music and nice of her to do the
interview too.
So here is our interview with Marla Sokoloff


1. Why did you decide to become a

When I was little I was always singing! No matter where I
was I was annoying my family by singing loudly. I decided
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make it a career.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Stevie Nicks

3. What it like playing music compared to your day

Completely different. Music gives me a chance to say my
words instead of someone else’s. I get a chance to tell my

4. What it like being solo compared to being in a

Scary! I have always played in bands so going out on my own
has been challenging. It has forced me to make decisions by
myself instead of taking a vote between others….and if it
sucks it my fault and my fault only!!!

5. What is it like playing live?

So much damn fun. It’s almost an outer body experience
cause I sometimes get off stage and can’t remember anything
that happened. THere is truly nothing like it.

6. Has the internet helped with your music?

Not yet. I think that is mainly my fault becuase I haven’t
been using it’s resources like i should. I just got a
myspace account today!! Im not really sure how peole
stumble across my music or my site. It always surprises

7. Have you had much responce from your music in

People seem to know it’s out there, but I don’t think they
know very much. I avoid talking about it cause people can
be such haters when it comes to actors that want to play

8. Have you had much responce from labels?

yes. I have played tons of showcases for labels. I made a
decision a few months ago to chill on that becuase they all
want an instant hit. My music isn’t Hillary Duff and that
is what they want.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

That list is sooo long! But if I had to choose….Jon
Brion. He’s such a talent. I love what he did with Fiona
Apple and Aimee Mann.

10. What is like writing your own music?

like therapy.

11. What are your thoughts on realty tv talent shows eg
american idol?

i wanted to hate it….but then I found myself wanting to
vote. It’s sick but very entertaining.

12. Who has helped you out the most?

Probably my producers. They stuck by me when I got dropped
by maverick and still believed in me. I was ready to quit
but they made me keep going.

13. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

The Simpsons of course!

14. What is on your stereo at the moment?

new Coldplay

15. What are some of your favourite musicial

Coldplay, keane, elliot smith, aimee mann, fiona apple,
silverchair, deadsy

16. What movies you have seen lately you have really

I just saw Finding Neverland and LOVED it.

17. What are your favourite movies?

dreamlife of angels, less than zero, heavenly

18. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

it’s hit or miss. I stayed away from it for so long but
then it sucked me in somehow!!

Thanks for your time any last words

thank you for interviewing me and helping me get my music
out there:)

< Marla

Thanks to Marla Sokoloff for doing the
interview. She rocks and so does her music

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