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LLC yes that is his name, is one man band, doing everything. So read on and find out more about this talented Aussie artist.

1. What was the inspiration behind the the ep and how was it structured?

Inspiration came at varied moments during the process of this EP. As it took 3-4 years from recording to releasing it & even then one of the songs is written over a decade ago! But this EP is tied to my next one (yet to be finished) w/ a similar vibe & name. View Of Solitude was structured based on my experiences over the past years. eg. previous bands ending, relationships turn to turmoil, going solo. You know, the usual motivating writing methods!

2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?

I am happy the way it turned out, despite being one of the most challenge experiences of my musical career. As I recorded & mixed it all myself, so with that comes a strong hold on how things ‘should’ sound & be balanced. Safe to say, it took me a longggg time to be happy w/ the overall EP.

Hoping that people will hear & feel the heart & soul that has gone into the songs & connect with the words & emotion. Cause that’s why I love music as it’s a universal language & can be interpreted in MANY ways. So anyone can enjoy it!

3. How does a song normally come to you?

Usually on a guitar or piano & I’ll work with chords & song structure first. Play it over & over & over (you see where I’m going with this!?), till I’m happy with it then pre pro a demo at home. From there I tend to build layers of instrumentation that I feel suits the song & the story I’m trying to convey. Even if I initially don’t have the words or lyrics yet.

4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?

Mmhmm good question. Well now, I’ve had more life experiences to draw inspiration from. Whether it be music related or not (busking the streets of NYC, recording in Nashville, OR even just cooking a meal!) I keep my eyes & mind open to new things so it can influence me & my writing to a different level that I’m not used to before. But saying that, I still write from a place that I want the song to be as catchy, poppy, melodic as possible & yet somewhat interesting. Try to give it my unique tone & character, whatever that may be 🙂

5. How does having fans mean to you guys?

Having fans is one of the main reasons why ANY artist or band chooses to pursue music. Especially if you wanna make a career out of it. As they are THE ONES listening, commenting, showing their support for what means so much to you. In hopes that it is reciprocated & appreciated as much as the amount of blood, sweat & tears has gone into it. Having fans is amazing & reassuring to know that what you’re writing & singing about is “understood”.

6. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?

Mmhmm been a fair few over the past 15 years but I’d have to say more recently, with my solo travels to the States last year (twice infact). Recording full band original material in Nashville, Tennessee w/ one of my biggest idols, Will Pugh (vocalist of US pop rock band, Cartel) was truly mind blowing. To share moments with his family & friends and to be making music in one of the most creative & musically vibes town was easily the best experience I’ve had, so far… 😉

7. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?

Boy do I ever! Those are the moments one should be definitely aware of. Cause if you’re feeling drained, tired or uninspired, nothing good or solid will come from it (depending on the style & person of course!). But I’m always working on songs so to get away from it every once & a while to recharge the batteries is essential to quality & consistency, in my humble opinion!

8. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2016 will play a part in that?

My long term goal has always been to share my music with as many like minded musicians & people as possible.

I wanna pass on the feeling music I enjoy & admire to others, so we have something to talk about or “bond over”.

As silly as it sounds, back in the MySpace days, is when I felt most connected to PROPER hardcore fans.

Not so much these days, but that only fuels my fire more to keep going & creating music I’m proud of. Especially later in life when I look back at what I did. As much as 2016 has been a stressful & patience testing year for me & my music, I couldn’t think of a more inspiring & cathartic way of releasing those pent up emotions! Definitely builds thicker skin to not give up.

9. What is next for the band?

Next on my list, is to finish recording & mixing my next acoustic EP (which is a sequel to this one about to be released), do the ‘typical cycle of promo’, along w/ super shows to support the releases. Then, I plan on releasing my FULL BAND material (covers & original album), which I’ve performed & accumulated on my own over the past 3-4 years. So if anyone likes what they hear, there’s plenty more in store!

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