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Alright I’ve only got one more interview to do then I’ve done 600 interviews and their have been a lot of people who I have loved having the chance to interview and some of these people I now consider friends.  So I am doing a list of some of these people I have dug interviewing and why. I’ll do another one of these soon. I’ve no doubt missed people.

The Strain

At the time they were known as Limestone, they played my first ever show and I now consider them life long friends. Plus they introduced me to a guy who I consider one of my best friends. They play rock and they are gonna start doing shows again which is awesome.

Jonah Matranga 

I love Far and being able to interview him and actually see him live and say hello to him was awesome. Amazing vocalist just what a singer and a good one at that. Plus the fact he has tour with Amanda Rogers who has been interviewed on this website and been on cd’s one mine is awesome

Jimmy Gnecco

I got sent his CD by my friend Michelle Page, finally got to see him live twice in LA at The Viper Room No less was incredible and now he can sing. I just remember him doing this one song and he just blew me away. If you haven’t checked out his band Ours, do so now.

Beth Hart

What can I say but when you get a last minute call by a publicist can you interview Beth Hart and you go yeah I’ll do that.  I’m like the hugest fan of Beth’s music and have been spreading the word to friends ever since. To me she is one of the finest singer songwriters period. Just love her voice and her songs. New album is incredible too.

The Little Ones & Telescreen

They are both separate bands but the bands they played in before these ones are like my all time favourite bands. Sunday’s Best before The Little Ones and Codeseven before Telescreen. Incredible stuff and their new bands just amazing.


Great Brisbane band who debut album and their only album is pop heaven. They are no longer around but just incredible music.


Another great Brisbane band with a great album. Worth discovering

Steph Hannah

I adore Steph and all that she does. She has been on two of my CD’s and honoured to have her on both of them. I’ll always support what she does,  She a fantastic singer as she is a songwriter. I know she going go very far.

Michelle Page



I love what Michelle Page does as an actor, she is also an incredible friend.  She works so hard at what she does as an actor.  Like in the mainland ad, if your a kiwi you’ll get it. Good things take time and I know soon she will get that role.

Jonas & The Masssive Attraction & Tupelo Honey

Two of my favorite Canadian rock bands. Both incredible singers, great production and great rock songs.

Tori Tate



I first came across Tori in 2011, I liked what I read and approached for an interview. She a smart switched on lady who going places. Will always keep giving her love on the site.

Catherine Traicos

You see an ad in the street press, you go to a show, get her to sign your copy of her album and the rest is history. She been on CD’s of mine, Great singer, great songwriter.

Melissa Johnston

Came across Melissa in 2011 and liked I read about her as an actor, so approached for an interview. Finally met her this year and she is lovely in person as she has been in email and on skype.

Ella Cannon


Ella I first came across in 2012 and well I liked what she is doing as an actor. I’ve been giving her love on this site and on The Parx-e Show ever since.  She also one of the most genuine people ever, She always has given time for me which is so lovely. I think this talented Aussie actor is gonna go far.

Heather Longstaffe


Heather is a talented country singer songwriter with a bright future ahead of her. I interviewed her, finally got to meet her in January.  She is the real deal.

Hilary Kennedy

hilaryset3 copy


Hilary is a TV broadcaster from Dallas, Texas and she like Heather gave up her time to meet me and she was happy to do so.  She is genuine and just a total sweetheart.  Advice if your doing an interview, don’t forget to turn the mike on.

Julie Dickson

Julie i’ve known for a while, she is genuine and was excited to meet me when we finally did. This actor is a jack of all trades and is very hard working.

Edita Brycha

Talented actor who I first came across in an old TV series I dig, I approached her for an interview, she agreed and we have done two already on the site.

Destiny Love



Destiny Love is a talented singer songwriter who I have enjoyed interviewing on this site and who I think is incredibly talented. She is a fantastic singer songwriter, incredible singer. You should get Home In The Light it’s an incredible album.

Elise Jackson

Love what Elise does as an actor, she talented, she kind and she can act as well as writing incredible screen plays that win awards

Cynthia Popper

I’ve interviewed Cynthia Popper twice on Parx-e and this incredibly talented gorgeous smart lady has been a favorite of mine to interview. Incredibly smart and switched on, this Lady is incredibly hard working.

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