• January 26, 2021

Lauren Jenkins – The Nashville Sessions EP Review

Lauren Jenkins – The Nashville Sessions EP (Big Machine Records)


Ok so I first came across Lauren in the movie Deadline where I thought she gave a stand out performance and I truly love the movie and think it is a wonderful film. Did not know at the time she is a country singer songwriter also, so I interviewed her about both subjects? It doesn’t hurt that she is also a very beautiful woman. This is her latest release The Nashville EP and it is one of the best releases of the year, her voice is on fire, the song writing and production is first-rate. You can feel her heart and soul in every note and every word. My Bar is a solid catchy upbeat country tune that has a rock edge to it, her lyrics and vocals shine here. Production is first rate. All Good Things is a song that hit written over it, the way the song is structured, the use of backing vocals, the way instruments all just gel alongside each other. Addicted To Love has her voice like really smoky sounding and it’s a unique cover that highlights her amazing voice. Cadillac is a lovely tune that is almost a ballad I love the way it has an edge to it and has a breath of fresh air to it. Blood is a ballad that shows off the song writing and musicianship, and her vocals shine here. Looks That Kill is a modern day country anthem that shows off what she all about, let’s the song writing does its magic, alongside the musicianship. Her voice shines. This is really a great EP, I love the fact that has an edge to it, its well produced without being too polished. It’s a little raw, a little edgy, it’s catchy and just offers something that truly delivers and is a good stepping stone for an artist who is on the rise and bound for a long and successful career. I for one will keep continuing to support Lauren and her career, I can see her being a huge star and if she keeps putting out gems like this, she got it made.


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