• August 22, 2019

Katey Laurel – Periscope Album Review

Katey Laurel – Periscope (Roaring Twenties Records)

Katey Laurel is here with her latest album Periscope and it’s a good well produced album that deserves a listen and in a place in your home. It mixes folk and pop nicely and gives the album a real upbeat feel that is exciting and a joy with every listen. It opens with The Optimist a beautiful upbeat song that shows off her vocals, lyrics and songwriting. Hurricane is a hit in the making its an upbeat edgy tune that shows off the musicianship, vocals, lyrics and songwriting. It is written with Dave Hedin. It’s a really catchy tune that will get you singing it for days. Love the use of backing vocals. Only Human is another track that has a great use of piano, the vocals shine here as does the lyrics. Musicianship is solid here. It’s a kind of laid back ballad that has fast paced piano playing. All The Way Home has a good use of male vocals alongside Katey voice. It’s a kind of rootys song in way with the use of acoustic guitar and the way the song is structured. Periscope the title track is another winner of tune, I love the use of the piano thru the song. The electric guitar is used well here. Songwriting is excellent and the vocals shine. Heavy is another winner of a track, its a ballad type track, the use of piano is used well here. Love how the song is structured and performed. Dark Days is another upbeat song, the use of guitar is used well here, the lyrics and vocals are solid here as is the musicianship. Thanks For Loving Me is another well written song, beautifully sung and performed. The musicianship is first rate. Battlesong is another well written song, is a ballad that is haunting and well performed. Beautiful World sang with Aaron Espe has a folk thing going on for it. This is a good solid album, production is first rate, all the songs are well written and performed. Vocals and lyrics are good.  Give this album a go you will not be disappointed


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