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Kate Earl

Kate Earl
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Interview With Kate Earl By Chris 1/5/07

Kate Earl is one of my favourite singer songwriters.

I feel in love with her music in 2005, that when the first interview happend.

I figured she need some more publicity with an another interview .

She is one who is real and honest and has fantastic music that truly shines.

I look forward to hearing her new album when it comes out.

She is one talented artist who needs to be heard.

Kate Earl Website

1. What has happened since the last release?

I’ve been in a bit of record label purgatory… My desire to go mainstream requires WB’s support ( the parent company of RC ). They said if I turn in the right songs and the right focused direction they would consider it. It’s been difficult to develop my new sound and record proper demos without any sort of recording budget from my label. But it was a necessary step to prepare for the next record. Producers, engineers, players and I- are all just out here trying to make a living and those that are making a living often don’t have time to do things for free even if they wanted to. Ive asked alot of favors from alot of people who believe in what i’m doing.

2. Were you happy with the reviews and responses of your first album?

Yes. Exposure is another thing…

3. What has inspired the recording of the new album?

The following songs:

1. Sade – Lovers Rock

2. Handsome Boys Modeling School & Cat Power – I’ve Been Thinking

3. Big Momma Thornton – Traveling Blues

4. Cee- Lo & Esthero – Gone

5. Donny Hathaway – You’ve Got A Friend

6.The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You

4. What is the recording process like for the new album?

We haven’t started recording the album itself yet – just the demos i mentioned earlier. here’s how a few of the songs came into existence:

I brought my first concept for the new sound to my friend James Valentine. We laid the track demo in M5’s secondary recording room – where the guys put down ideas during the making of their record. Some of the guys played on it – their producer Mike Elizando pitched in.

I traveled to San Francisco to meet with Dan the Automator because i was head over heels about the track he did with Cat Power. He co wrote a song with me and produced it at his house.

One of my demos is actually a song that I was asked to help write for the Eddie Murphy movie “Norbit” I did that one with David “Leggo” Rohas at Steve Lindseys ( Aaron Neville, Linda Rhondstat ) studio.

5. Is it different to the first album?

It’s a natural progression. The response has been tremendous.

6. What inspires you when writing music?

This album has been about getting back to my roots. I grew up singing in church and loved hymns and gospel music. even though i grew up in rural Alaska, at the library i discovered black female vocalists. I fell in love with women like Martha Bass, Mahalia Jackson…Their style is hair raising. But these influences require a modern twist and other elements that come naturally for me so the logical step has been to seek out prominent Producers, Beatmakers or Songwriters from the hip hop world and try to bend a genre.

7. Has it been hard to get radio play?

Yes. why? Payola.

8. What are your thoughts on ITunes and the like?

Love it, thankful for it. the labels are having to find a new business model to fit this medium, this outlet for music to be heard. there’s still alot of catching up to do and new approaches to be discovered for working records.

9. Have you had much response from overseas labels?

There was interest from Altantic in the UK to do something 3 years ago. The AR guy wanted to send me out with James Blunt. Jordan Tappis – The president of RC wanted me to break in the US first. That was a mistake. Had I some success overseas, our efforts here would’ve had more ammunition. Another case of the purgatory i mentioned in the beginning – without my labels support it is difficult.

10. What has been your favorite gig so far?

It was actually during the time that the UK label was interested… At the London Palladium opening for Damien Rice. This is a stage that the Beatles and The Stones have performed on, Queen Elizabeth attends plays there… The show was sold out and the crowd was dead silent when i began. The applause was unbelievable. They even cheered for an encore. Do you know how rare that is for an opener??? As they prepared the stage for Damien I went into the crowd to pass out a few promo samplers. They had to get security because there was quite a bit of pushing and swarming developing.

11. Are you happy how things have gone so far?

I accept my experiences because of what I’ve learned. I see a brighter future.

12. Has having a MySpace page and website get your music to a greater audience?

Yes more people visit the MySpace page than my website.

13. What has been the highlight so far?

Well hanging out with Cee – Lo was fabulous. It would please me if he did the record. I think he could make it a masterpiece. i think he has a golden touch or should i say platinum.

14. Who has helped you the most with your career so far?

Jordan Tappis wanted to help the most – but we simply have different goals for what my career should look like. In light of this I have to say I’ve helped myself the most. Thats as it should be – no one will do it for you. Although my managers Tommy Mottolla, Jeb Brien and Corrie Caster are the reason I haven’t lost my mind. They enable and inspire me to be great.

15. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Kings Of Leon’s latest stuff.

16. Is there any thing that annoys you with the music industry?


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