• August 22, 2019

Julia Henning – Fledgling album review

Julia Henning – Fledgling (Self Released)


Julia Henning is an artist who can capivate live as she can on album. This album showcases her amazing vocals, lyrics and songwriting and the production. She has a depth and a unique way of drawing you in with the way the songs are structued from the way the piano is played to the way band performs behind her. Drifter opens up witha haunting beautiful song that shows off the vocals, musicianship and songwriting. Tempest is a little darker in tone with the way the song is structured and performed.  December I love how the piano is performed and how drums come into song. Tall Trees is more of personal song with the use of the accoustic guitar and gives the album a nice touch. Another Day has some great piano playing and the vocals shine. Whispers I love the use of the accoustic guitar the way it is played and performed. Vocals and lyrics are good too. Legacy is another winner of a track. Great vocals and piano playing. Cold Mountain has good use of strings to open up the song, it is a beautifully written song.  Three Words has good use of electric guitar  which works so well along Julia voice.  Fledgling finishes off the album well with a dark haunting almost energetic track. This is first rate album by an Aussie artist with so much talent that will be going so far.



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