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Working in the music industry like most industries, you’ve got to write press releases and really sell who you are managing and if your a  label what you are selling eg if after reviews & air play.

I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I’ve written plenty of press releases and since having a new laptop I needed a pdf editor and since the bigger products cost a lot of money. I came across Infix PDF Editor and boy did it do the job for what I was needing to do. It was very simple and actually made the press release the way I wanted it. I could drag and move the text to where I wanted it. Being able to resize the image of the band was a huge plus.  I could have the text centered on the right. company logo on the left.

It basically is a pdf version of a word processor, looks and feels like one. But for some one like me who need a program to do files in pdf to send out to get my bands name out there, This program is a huge relief.  If you are needing a solid pdf editor with heaps of good functions and is quite simple to use. This program is it.  I will be using this a lot for all the up & coming gigs I’ve got happening.

 You can trial the program out here.


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