• January 26, 2021

Imogen Brough – Into The Moonlight EP Review

Imogen Brough – Into The Moonlight EP


OK Imogen Brough released her latest release late last year Into The Moonlight and it highlights how she is the complete package. She is a very beautiful woman, She can really sing, I have seen her live twice and her voice is unbelievable, her song writing just shines. Her music can just draw you in. Musicianship is first rate, the production of this EP is solid. Her music has a Celtic influence which is evident in the opening title track Into The Moonlight which has good use of the harp and acoustic guitar. Heart is the big anthem track off the EP shows of her song writing, musicianship and incredible voice. It’s my pick off the EP. Love the use of the keys. Your Kind Eyes is another winner of a track to me, I love how the way the song is structured, the way the vocals blend in with the music. How the song slowly comes into the big anthem chorus parts. Production shines here. Love Is Like A Match is where you really hear how amazing her voice and how piano/keyboard playing is world class. Her song writing really shines here and you can see how this Australian artist is world class. One has Celtic influences through out the song and her voice is on fire here. Parallel let’s her voice shine and her piano/keyboard playing is incredible. You get an acoustic version of Into The Moonlight and a remix of Love Is Like A Match. This is amazing stuff right here, here is an Aussie artist with the goods that is worthy enough of the international stage here right now. She proves it with her song writing, vocals and the production of the music. To me she is the complete package, a talent that will keep on shining and will keep delivering the goods release after release. This is a first class EP worthy of the international stage and worthy of your time, this is a must have and you need it now.


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