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Greenline Grooves is a star studded Australian album in support of wildlife Park Rangers.  In many developing nations, the Park Ranger’s job is to protect endangered species, but Rangers often find themselves not only in gun battles but tracked instead by poachers who want them out of the way. Thousands of Rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Greenline Grooves and the Thin Green Line Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the obstacles faced by Park Rangers, provision of training and equipment for rangers, as well as support for the widows and children of a murdered Ranger.

This fundraiser CD package is a card wallet within an attractive all green design (both pigment and recycled cardboard).  Artist supporters of the Thin Green Line and the International Ranger Federation featured on the disc include Gotye, Tex Perkins, Mia Dyson, John Butler Trio, Shane Howard, Jordie Lane, Xavier Rudd, Dan Sultan, Clare Bowditch, Archie Roach, Nikki Bomba and Ash Grunwald amongst others.  The Tex Perkins track ‘One More For The Song’ is a new track exclusive to this album.

All songs have been supplied 100% royalty free.  All record company, distribution, and most retail profits go to the foundation.  Manufacture of covers and discs have been supplied at cost price.  Artwork, publicity and marketing assistance are all supplied at nil cost.  Now it’s your turn to join us to get involved.  We need your help.

The Thin Green Line Foundation along with our partners the International Ranger Federation are the only organisations dedicated to protecting these protectors.

Some facts:
Over 1,000 Park Rangers have been killed by commercial poachers and armed militia groups in the last 10 years….that we know of – the real figure is likely to be three times this.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo over 187 Rangers have been killed in one National park.
The elephant population in Tanzania has halved in the last three years.
In Chad, 11 Rangers in camp preparing for the day ahead were set upon by militiamen poachers and slaughtered.
Esnart Paundi a Ranger from Zambia left four children double orphaned when she was hacked to death by commercial poachers – her husband a ranger was killed two years earlier.
Many Rangers work in very serious conditions without basic human rights, such as shelter, food, clean water or any security measures whilst bravely protecting endangered species.
The Thin Green Line Foundation along with our partners the International Ranger Federation are the only organisations dedicated to protecting these protectors.

“Without Rangers, we would’ve lost the last 787 mountain gorillas 15 years ago.  But they go on eight-day patrols with no map, no proper boots and no mosquito nets, so they not only fight heavily armed poachers, they sometimes die of malaria.  They can go three months without getting paid.  They are outnumbered and outgunned.  But they are fighting the good fight” Sean Willmore – Founder of The Thin Green Line Federation and President of The International Rangers Foundation.
Greenline Grooves will be available in store on February 8th We are asking you, please support this important initiative

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