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Cool song by Your Favorite Enemies and here is a little bit more about them

Montreal based Your Favorite Enemies possesses a distinctive blend of dirty and polished type of sonic textures, along with an introspective poetry and a symbolist type of lyrical approach that gathered fanatics from all different musical backgrounds into a defining communion of high level noise, post-punk, psych, shoegaze and prog rock.

Fierce human rights advocates devoting every aspects of their activities based on their community values, the sextet remained faithful to their dedicated old school DIY ethos, upon which they established the fundamental of the band, founded “Hopeful Tragedy Records”, their own label venture and turned a unique artsy catholic church into their own recording studio where they recorded their most recent musical projects, including the recent EP “Youthful Dreams Of An Old Empire”.

Sonically twisted and dreamy, lyrically juxtaposed melancholic symbolism and post-modernist impressionism, added to the band’s singular creative let go and insanely particular type of live performances, are amongst the few aspects that turned attracted musical fans into a pleiad of devoted fanatics, that led the band from New York to Paris, from Berlin to Shanghai, from London to Tokyo and that ultimately made Your Favorite Enemies one of the most exciting, intriguing and artistically fascinating ventures to emerge on the musical front scene over the last couple of years. Here follows their brand new single and accompanying video from latest long-player “Between Illness and Migration” .


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