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Wayne From Fallopian Tube Answers My Questions

1. how did you guys form?

1/ three of us were in a band for a little while and then stuart (who had been our friend for ages) joined on keyboards in march of 2001.
we’ve all been friends for a long time and the band was just something that formed out of our friendship. at first the band was just something to do, these days, we take it pretty seriously and put heaps of time into it.

2. what has been your favourite gig so far?

2/ it’s probably too hard to narrow down to one particuar show. there have been some fucking great shows, some because of the crowd we’ve played to and some (even to an empty venue) that have just felt unbeliveable.

3. who would you most like to play with ?

3/ in terms of australian bands we’d really like to do a show with melbourne’s the nation blue at some stage. we have had the fortune to play with sydney band grise who we all really like. but basically we just want to do shows with bands that are like minded.

4. who was a major influnce for the band?

4/ musically, we are influenced by bands that push the envelope a bit or have an edge. we are all fans of music from various genres and eras and i think that comes through in our music. we are also big fans of bands that really put on a show when they play live so i guess one band that has really influenced us in that area is at the drive-in.

5. when will see a next release from the band?

5/ we will be releasing a new 4 track ep in december of this year.
after that is released we will be touring our arses off throughout australia.

6. would you like to see the band as a full time thing?

6/ yeah we’d all love to do the band as a full time thing! i doubt that it will get to that stage but it would be nice….

7. when is the bands next gig?

7/ we have two shows coming up before we head in to record our new ep. we are playing at the bridge mall inn (ballarat-VIC)on thursday the 12th of september as well as the public office (west melbourne)
on friday the 27th of September.

i’d just like to let you know that we FINALLY! have a website up and running at

There Website

our ‘secrets of time travel ep’ can be purchased via e-mail for only $5. pick up a copy!!!!

thanks for this chris. again if there is anything more that you need, please let me know.



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