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Elizabeth Foust

Elizabeth Foust
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Interview With Elizabeth Foust By Chris 9/2/07

Elizabeth Foust is some one I have used a few times with a few project with company Clear Springs Entertainment and this site.

Elizabeth Foust is a model and a law student.

She is one of the most beautiful natural gorgeous model’s ever in my books.

Plus she has brains too which is also awesome.

She has been in a number of Playboy Special Edition Issues

As well as being Coed Of The Week.

I hope she keeps modelling as she got the look for modelling.

I was stooked to get an interview with her so read on.

1. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?

I can’t say my life has changed drastically since PB, PB was a great experience, a real self-esteem boost and quite liberating.

2. Why pose for in Playboy and how did you get involved?

I became involved after submitting some photos. They called me and flew me to Chicago.

3. Was it exciting to see yourself in the various SE college girls issues?

I was surprised at how many editions my photos were used in (a calendar and 3 magazines), so it was a new surprise each time a new one came out. I didn’t get to see any of the photos before they were published so I was always checking the local Barnes and Noble. I got a few funny looks, being a college girl grabbing up multiple copies of the same edition

4. Is it fun doing the photo shoots?

The photo shoot was a great time, everyone was very nice and extremely professional. It was a great time getting dolled up by the professional makeup artist.

5. How have people responded when you tell them your in Playboy?

I think they are surprised at first, it isn’t everyday that you hear someone say they are in Playboy.

6. Do you plan to keep modeling (personally I think you got what it takes)?

I hope to do more modeling in the future, but I am currently in graduate school, so I don’t know how much time I’ll have for it. My modeling jobs have always come from random things I come across, so I never know when a new job might pop up.

7. What has been the highlight so far from posing for Playboy?

I’m a little celebrity in my hometown, former high school cheerleader turned PB model!

8. Any plans to do more stuff with them or are you done for now?

I would be interested in doing more with them, they are great, but for the time being I’m done.

9. Any problems from posing for Playboy?


Elizabeth Foust

10. Have you learned a lot from doing your degree?

The best part about college for me, was the experience and life-lessons you learn.

11. Why did you choose the degree you are doing?

I am currently working on a law degree. It was one thing I have always wanted to do.

12. What are some of your favorite movies?

I love movies!! From action to mystery to comedy to romantic, just about anything will do

13. What movies that you have seen recently you have really enjoyed?

Hide and Seek, The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama, Overboard, The Wedding Date, Road Trip, Walk the Line

14. What are some of your favorite musical artists?

Hh mmm….tuffy, they change too often!

15. What would we find on Elizabeth Foust stereo at the moment?

Anything you can sing or dance to

16. Would you ever like to travel overseas?

I would love to go to Ireland sometime

17. What your favorite thing to do when your not studying?

Sleep! ha ha……you will usually find me with friends, hanging out, watching movies, riding 4-wheelers, camping, dancing, just about anything that will help blow off some stress from the week in classes.

Elizabeth Foust

Thanks to her friend Erin for setting the interview

Elizabeth rocks and I hope she keeps modelling

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