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Elisha Sando

Elisha Sando
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Interview With Elisha Sando By Chris 23/8/05

Elisha Sando is a singer songwriter from the sunshine
She is very good and she worth your time to check
So I interviewed her and here what she had to say.

Elisha Sando

1.Why did you decide to become a

I was pretty much born into music – my parents are both
musicians, so I guess I just formed a love for it as I was
growing up and now it is my greatest passion as an adult.
The writing part of it also happened without conscious
decision; I remember writing my first songs when I was
eleven in my treehouse…. of course I was singing about
“true love” and all that and had never had a

2.Who were your idols growing up?

Musicians like Roxette, Seanad O’Connor and John Farnham
seem to come to mind. Although I must say that my greatest
idol as far as influence is concerned was probably my
mother. I grew up listening to her in jazz and blues bands,
i wanted to be just like her. She’s a great musician.

3.Have you had much support from radio?

Around the time of the EP Launch I had a lot of response
from radio and media. I did a few live performances and
interviews on air which was great. I’ve heard from a few
different people that the stations who actually have their
hands on my stuff play it all the time, however I haven’t
approached the whole “unearthing” situation.

4.What is it like playing live?

Playing live is a mixed bag. Sometimes you get nervous,
sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it feels perfect to you,
sometimes you think someone has stolen your vocal chords
and replaced them with bob dylan’s. Basically I really
enjoy doing big shows rather than weekly gigs. I love
fussing over promotions and the stage…and what I’m gonna

5.Has the internet helped with your music?

Yeah the net is fantastic. I love the idea that there are
people that I have never met writing to me about my music.
I still remember the first time I saw the website and I
think it kinda confirmed in my mind that I was a

6.How did you get involved with Soundcheck?

I think I saw a little ad for it while I was on the
internet, and decided to enter. About 4 days later I jumped
onto the site and checked out some of the artists and was
completely blown away by the number of gifted and talented
people. it was very cool.

7. Have you had much response since you put your music
on Soundcheck?

Not as much as I would have hoped, but it’s still been
good. As I said there is so much talent in this country,
its hard to know who to pursue and congratulate!!

8.If you could work with anyone who would it

The answer is, without a doubt, DELERIUM. Electronica (when
done so well) hugely appeals to me, and ever since I heard
Sarah McLaughlan’s “Silence” I have wanted to record a
single with these guys. The combination of sweet vocals,
tribal drums and really powerful synth sounds completely
rocks my world.

9.What has response been like to your E.P.?

Really really good. The night of the launch was hugely
successful – I think I sold over 90 copies that night (most
of which I signed and my hand was very sore!). As far as
managers and record companies are concerned I have had good
response to the cd, still waiting for the contract of

10.What are your thoughts on reality tv talent shows eg
Australian Idol?

Don’t even get me started! I think that show alone is going
to cause the divide in the music industry. I went to the
auditions of the very first one with a whole bunch of
friends which was fun, however after actually watching the
show a few times I was quite disheartened. The entire show
is based not on music, but ENTERTAINMENT, and it’s crappy
entertainment at that. Don’t get me wrong, I think there
are a lot of people who enter with skill and talent as a
performer, I just think they should explore their options
as an ARTIST. Music has so much more to offer than a catchy
riff, a pretty face and a short skirt. But the writers and
creators are making a mint, so who cares about the
long-term affects on musical creativity? Anyway, the only
one I thought was really good at what she did was

11.If you could have a dream gig line-up who would they

Okay, this may seem to be an weird combination – firstly,
Madonna. She is the cleverest woman in the entire industry.
She’s talented, she’s extremely creative, she’s very in
control of her career, and she has an amazing charisma.
Secondly, Dreamtheater. A lot of people might not know who
these guys are, but they are the best progressive rock band
in the world – the lead singer has an incredible vocal
range, and as for the others well, anyone who can write and
perform in 11/16 timing is okay in my books! Thirdly, Enya.
She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my

12.What is it like being an independent artist in

I think it is very rewarding. However, it’s all about
putting in hard work. I think of artists in America, and so
forth and there are stories of people becoming famous
“overnight”, but it’s a little more difficult for that to
happen over here. In ways I think it’s good to truly earn
it though.

13.If you could be on the Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

I’d be jamming with Lisa!

14.What is on your stereo at the moment?

Dave Matthews Band. They’re completely legendary. He writes
amazing lyrics.

15.What are some of your favourite musical

Madonna – I have never wanted to be like her, but for some
reason I have been in absolute awe of her for years and
years. She will always be my favourite, and there will be
tears when she decides to stop her career! Natalie
Imbruglia – I would love to follow in the footsteps of this
artist, simply because she is always herself on stage,
she’s greatly respected and she writes cool stuff.
Honestly, there are so many, including Tchaichovsky.

16.What movies have you seen lately that you really

I actually watched SUPER SIZE ME for the first time the
other day, and was seriously disturbed!! The part that spun
me out the most was the fact that four kids recognised a
picture of Ronald McDonald, but none of them recognised a
picture of Jesus! Scary…. It was a fantastic film. Last
time I went to the movies I saw HITCH – I thought it was
great. Interesting tips for the gentlemen!!! 😉

17.What are your favourite movies?

Anything with Audrey Hepburn. I think she is the most
beautiful, placid thing that ever walked the earth. I
pretty much love classics – Casablanca, Gone With The Wind,
My Fair Lady etc. I also love stuff like Shakespeare In
Love and Ever After. Romance, romance, romance.

18.Reality T.V.? Good or Bad?

Bad!! Go out and live your own life instead of watching
someone else live theirs.

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