• June 19, 2019

Digger Interview


Chris From Digger Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did digger form?

Digger formed in 1995 when a friend of mine named
Joel introduced me to Matt and Mike. We started the band because we all
shared a passion and love for music. Plus it gave us all something to do
besides work and college. We wrote some songs and a month later Phil (who
was on tour with a band called Weston) came home and joined Digger.

We got signed to Hopeless records less than one year later…

2. who were your major influnces?

The Pixies, Decendents, Superchunk, and the Replacements.

3. what has been your favourite gig you have played?

I think my favorite gig was in London, UK. The show was packed full of people and it was just a
really great time. Afterwards I met alot of people who are now my friends
and drank my first Snakebite.

A snakebite is a mixture of beer, cider, and
curan. The night got better as it went on. I’ve played so many shows over
the last 7 years it’s really hard to pick one out and say that was the very
best one.

4. if you could have a 3 band bill what would it be?

Nirvana, The Pixies,and the Wu Tang Clan.

5. who has been your favourite band to play with?

I would say Mustard Plug. They are the nicest, most professional, cool guys you’ll ever meet. I
have been on tour with them 3 seperate times and it’s always a great time.

6. when will see digger come to aussie?

That’s a good question. I always
wanted to come to Australia. I guess we would have to get a tour offer there
and go from there. I would definitely tour if someone made an offer. Just
send me a plane ticket and I’ll come do acoustic shows.

7. what is your beer of choice?

I love Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. But I’ll drink anything. I’m not very picky when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

8. what are you listening to at the moment?

Don’t laugh, but I bought all the 3rd eye blind records and I’ve been jamming to them for the past few
days. I have also been listening to the Rival Schools cd.

that for your time any last words. Check out our website www.diggerpa.com
Someone please send me a plane ticket to Australia so I can meet Crocodile
Dundee. Live for today!

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