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Destiny Love – Home in the Light (Self Released)


Destiny Love debut album is a really surprising and really beautiful inspiring piece of work. Destiny is a singer songwriter who writes beautiful pieces of music that incapture her voice and what she is trying to say. Their are 11 songs in total and each of them are  special and unique the opening track Blue Sky show off  her voice songwriting and the musicianship. You have a couple of longer songs like Breathe Easy which go over the 6 minute mark but it shows off what she is trying to say with the lyrics. The production is just right for this album. It’s not over produced but let’s Destiny voice and her songwriting shine. I love the use of Uke on Connecting With You, it’s a nice touch as is the use of the backing vocals. The music does show off it’s folk roots and it really such a magical special release. I was quite surprised how good this was going to be. If your looking for something special and unique to listen to, give this ago it is very much worth your time. for more info and to listen to it


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