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Debra Arlyn

debra arlyn
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Interview With Debra Arlyn By Chris 1/2/07

Debra Arlyn is a singer songwriter who music I was hooked to when I heard the first note.

Their is something about this talented singer songwriter who plays Piano Pop music.

Don’t be fooled she is extremely talented and wrote and produced her new album Compilated Mess.

She is a must listen and her album what can I say but Wow.

Debra Website

1. How did you get into music?

It was a very natural process for me. I grew up singing and listening & performing music my whole life. When I expressed to my parents, during a recording session in Nashville, that I would rather persue music than go to college after high school, they said OK! And its been my job ever since!

2. Who were your idols growing up?

I really liked Carole King, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion

3. Who were your influences?

Pretty much the same. Carole King, Fiona Apple, James Taylor, Mariah Carey, John Mayer & Jason Mraz.

4. Are you happy with the responses from the new album?

I’m always surprised when people respond positivly to my music. I always assume the worst. However, I believe I did a good job on the new album, and I worked very hard, so it’s great that other people enjoy the music so much. I’m very, very happy at the response.

5. What have responces been like to your music on the web?

I’ve made many new fans through the web. Alot of them write reviews of the cd on different sites, and it’s nice to read those. The web has helped me so much with getting more exposure. And mostly the response is great.

6. Has the internet helped with your music?

YES! Independant artist need the web. Without it, we would get nowhere.

7. Do you think tools like MySpace are useful?

Absolutly. Today I just got my 20,000 hit on Myspace. There’s no way I could have had
20,000 people listen to my music with out myspace. It’s incredible.

8. Who you would most like to tour with?

Jason Mraz.

9. What has been the highlight so far?

Winning the 2006 Singer/Songwriter Award was a highlight. Also, meeting Marta Kaufman, the creator of Friends & Related, and then having her put one of my songs in her tv show on the WB….was a big high light!

10. Are you happy how things have turned out for you so far?

Yes. I remind myself that there is always ups and downs in the music business. Some days I just want to quite. But then I see how much I’ve accomplished and the experinces I’ve had. I’ve done more at 21 than most artist will get to do. And then I realize I’m very blessed.

11. Have you had much responce from radio?

Radio for an independant artist is almost impossible. I’ve tried…but it’s so expensive. Fortunatly, KINK 102FM in my hometown supports me.

12. Was the recording process different to the earlier releases?

I recorded my new album, “Complicated Mess” all at my own studio. I also produced it entirely by myself. In the past I had a producer and worked at a rented studio. So doing everything on my own and close to home was very different and easy.

13. What’s it like being a singer/songwriter in America?

The fans in America don’t go crazy for artist like they do, say in Japan or somewhere. It’s difficult to get people excited about you with out the major label. However, Americans treat singer/songwriters & actors and performers like royalty, so once a fan is committed to you, they’re usually very loyal.

14. Have you had much response from record labels?

I’ve had a lot of positive reaction from major labels. I’ve showcased for Capitol & Epic. I’ve talked with Interscope as well. So far no ones put their money where their mouth is. If I ever get signed with a major,…that would be great.

15. What is on your stereo at the moment?

John Mayer & Ed Harcourt.

16. What are some of your favourite musicial artists/bands?

See influences

17. Any plans to tour the country?

I’m constantly touring. I never stop! But it’s mostly the West Coast. I’m slowly branching out.

18 Who have you has helped you out the most?

My Dad. He’s my manager.

19. What inspires you when writing music?

Real life experiences of mine. It has to be real, I cant make up stuff.

20. How did the recording process go for the new album?

See question 12

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