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David Dyas Interview

David Dyas

David Dyas
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Interview With David Dyas By Chris

David Dyas is one great singer songwriter.
His song are well written and are also very good.
So here is our interview with David.
David Website

1. How did you get into music?

My parents had a piano in the house. I started plunking out
tunes when I was really young. My aunt brought an Old
Spanish guitar over not long after, and that pretty much
did me in. Also, I grew up in Alabama, close to New
Orleans, where my mom’s from. Music’s a big part of life
down in those parts.

2. What were your influences when growing up?

In high school I was (and still am) into bands like The
Replacements, Husker Du, R.E.M., The Church, Bad Brains,
Jane’s Addiction, etc. Before that, it was lots of 60s and
southern rock, and whatever country music my dad listened
to on the radio. I grew up around older musicians who were
into more bluesy, jazzy stuff, and they got me into Steely
Dan, the Allman Brothers, stuff like that. I was exposed to
lots of different music, which I’m really grateful

3. What has the response been like to the

The response has been so cool. Amoeba Music, the biggest
independent Record store in the U.S., picked
ReallySuperGood as one of their staff favourites for 2004.
I also was asked to score a film called “The Talent Given
Us” after the director heard my record. The movie went to
the Sundance Film Festival this year, and we’ve won awards
at other festivals, which has been great for me because
more and more people are hearing my music.

4. Who you enjoyed playing with the most?

Joey Santiago of the Pixies produced my old band. I had a
Blast…he’s extremely talented and cool. This other band I
was in had a regular gig in Malibu. One night Tom Petty sat
in with us. We played a bunch of covers, Dylan, B.B. King.
Yeah, that was pretty rad. I’m also very lucky that I still
get to make music with the guys I grew up with in Mobile,
Alabama. We all live in Los Angeles now and work with each
other as much as possible.

5. Have you had much response from labels?

Haven’t shopped it. I’m more interested right now in doing
for myself What labels used to do: develop the artist. So,
I’m happy to put out a record or two on my own and keep
building my fan base. Eventually the industry and I will
wed in some blessed union.

6. Any chance of coming down under to play?

All I need are some gigs and some Qantas frequent flyer
miles. My Drummer and bass player are on tour right now
with Ben Lee. I keep Bugging them to get me an opening
slot. Also, my friend Jeffrey Cain (One of the guys I grew
up with mentioned above) has a band with Steve Kilbey of
the Church called Isidore. They also need to play shows and
get me to open. Jeff, if you read this, gets to work on
booking us a tour.

7. What is your view on file sharing and the mp3

I discover lots of new music off the Internet, and lots of
people Discover me, too. When I hear something I like, I go
buy the CD. So Yeah, I’m a fan. I think all the music
industry’s complaining about Downloads is overblown, and
all those RIAA lawsuits are so goddamn Lame. Some guy has
to spend his whole college tuition because he downloaded
music? That’s a real shame. Thank God I never got arrested
For all the mix tapes I made.

8. Any one you would really like to tour with?

I’m a big My Morning Jacket fan. They’d be great to tour
with. So would Kings of Leon. I like hanging out with other
southerners who make good music. I saw Ben Kweller at
Sundance. He was really damn good, and we have a similar
vibe. Yeah, him too.

9. Have you had much response from overseas?

A radio station in Belgium requested a copy of
ReallySuperGood. I’ve no idea if they’re playing it…I
should probably find out, shouldn’t I?

10. What would we find on your stereo at the

Last night I was playing along to “Beatles for Sale”. I’ve
been Listening to “The Milk-Eyed Mender” by Joanna Newsom
allot, also “Cellar Door” by John Vanderslice. Let’s
see…what else? The Band, the brown album. Chuck Berry,
“Chuck Berry is On Top”. Ted Leo, “Hearts of Oak”. And, and
I said, I really love My Morning Jacket.

11. Realty TV? Good or bad?

I like “Family Bonds,” the one about the family from New
Jersey in the Bail Bonds business. Otherwise, I like my TV
made up. “Kung Fu” is the best TV show ever…except maybe
for “Good Times”.

12. What movies have you enjoyed recently?

“Sin City”. Loved it. It was especially cool ’cause I saw
in Brooklyn on a lousy, rainy day. I came out of the
theatre expecting to get in a fight with prostitutes and
crooked cops. No such luck.

13. What are your favourite movies?

“Star Wars” (the original theatrical release). I think “The
Royal Tenenbaums” might be my favourite movie of the past
few years. I can Quote most of “The Big Lebowski”. “Blazing
Saddles”, without, question one of my favourites. “81/2”,
“The Right Stuff”…there’s more, but I reckon that gives
folks the idea.

14. If you were on The Simpsons where would you be

I would be playing at the airport bar where Otto the bus
driver’s girlfriend dances topless. There’s an obscure
reference for the true fans out there.

Thanks for your time any last words

ReallySuperGood is available here: www.cdbaby.com/daviddyas,
and you can download it off the iTunes Music Store. I’m
also finishing up a new 4-song EP, which should be
available early in June. For updates, please visit my web
site: www.daviddyas.com.



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