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Interview With Yogi From Cruiserweight By Chris

Cruiserweight is one cool band who music rocks.
Their music makes want to rock out.
So here the interview with Cruiserweight.


1.How did you get into music?

well, i grew up in a very musical family. my mother started
taking me to clubs to see local bands in dallas at a very
young age. i can remember going to shows when i weas as
young as 10 or 11. when i hit middle school, and continuing
all through high school, i played tuba in the school band.
i have always loved watching drummers, and have always
wanted to learn how to play drums. however, due to politics
and my musical ability on the tuba, i was never given the
opportunity to play drums in school. when i was 16, my
parents got me a drums set for christmas. my first kit was
disgusting and sounded horrible, but somehow managed to
teach myself drums. of course, like all musicians will tell
you, i am still learning.

2.What were your major influnces growing up?

as far as influences for drumming, i grew up admiring dave
grohl, keith moon, michael moore, and even animal from the
muppets. they are the four drummers that affected me the
most. as far as bands, i grew up listening to alot of
random stuff. the first eight tapes i bought were all wierd
al. i listened to wierd al, and nothing else, for years.
then i really got into hair metal…bands like poison, guns
n roses, cinderella, def leppard, you know that stuff. in
high school, i was listening to alot of grunge. these days
i listen to a wide variety of crap. i love saves the day,
midtown, jimmy eat world, eminem, hanson, all-american
rejects…the list goes on and on.

3.How did the band form?

urny and i had a band about seven years ago called red
boxing. after that band dissolved, we wanted to start a
more pop-rock oriented band with our sister. we started
cruiserwieght in march of 1999 with our friend craig on
bass. that didn’t really pan out, and in came dave. dave
was a friend of my girlfriend at the time. we played with
him a few times, and the rest is history. i still think
that dave could be the best thing to happen to the band.
his style, playing ability, and songwriting is out of

4. What has been your favourite show to date?

we have had tons of memorable shows. we’ve shared the stage
with ridiculous bands like the doobie brothers, b-52s, get
up kids, all american rejects, midtown, alkaline trio, and
jewel. however, the single show that meant the most to me
ona personal level was the benefit show that was put
together to help us replace our gear when we had everything
stolen last christmas. the show was sold out, everyone was
so supportive and amazing that night. there were times i
can tearing up while playing and looking over and seeing
stella, urny, and dave doing the same. there will always be
amazing shows, but that show in particular will always
stand out.

5. What has the response been to your new song

man. we have been getting an overwhelming response to the
songs we’ve posted from the our upcoming album. we have
worked so hard writing and recording the record, and so
just seeing the songs getting the attention they are
getting is just awesome. we make music for our fans.
without you guys, we would just be playing songs in our
living room.

6. Whho do you enjoy playing with?

we love playing shows with our friends. those are the best
shows. if you haven’t listened to dynamite boy, feable
weiner, cassette, dover drive, my hotel year, or good in
the sack, i suggest you do so immediately.

7. How has zines helped in getting your music out

anytime you can spread the word about your band it is a
good idea to do so. whether its rolling stone or a zine
some kid in you hometown makes to hand out in his high
school, only good can come of it. we have been lucky enough
to have many publications interview, review, or do write
ups on the band. hopefully, the good fortune will

8. What are your views on the mp3 format and

there are obviously pros and cons to filesharing. i have no
problem with kids passing around a song they are excited
about to their friends. however, i would rather see kids
buying cds at shows, and supporting touring bands. the sad
truth is smaller band usually lose money touring. that’s
something most kids don’t realize when they burn cds for
all their friends.

9. Do you think the internet is good for getting your
music out there?

the internet is an amazing tool for smaller and bigger
bands. it doesn’t matter what level you are at, you can
always benefit from the internet as a band. websites like and are amazing resources.

10. Who would most like to record a song with if you

i have always wanted to do a session with wierd al or dr
dre. that would be awesome.

11. If the band could be on The Simpsons where would
they be playing?

i would love to rock out at moe’s.maybe drink some beers
with barney. that would be amazing.

12. When touring what is the album that must be played
on the tour bus?

music in the van is solely picked by the driver. listen to
alot of random stuff like the dixie chicks, hanson, the
starting line, fall out

13. What movie is always played on the tour

actually we’re getting a dvd player for the van for
christmas i think. we’ll see what gets the most play. i am
guessing spinal tap will get its share. i will probably
watch the karate kid or something.maybe the wedding singer
or 50 first dates. i am girly like that

Thanks for your time, any last words?

‘sweet weaponry’ will be in stores febuary 15, 2005 on
doghouse records. feel free to listen to a couple songs on or you can download ‘ this
ain’t no beach party’ on thanks to
everyone for their continued support. we’ll be touring in
support of the record at the beginning of the year.
checkout for tour dates. thanks!

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