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Jarrett From CopperPot Chats With Parx-e

Chris: hey it’s Chris here

copperpotrock: cool

copperpotrock: how are you?

Chris: good

copperpotrock: cool

Chris: so how the band going

copperpotrock: Things are going well. We are keeping really busy playing a lot of shows and recording new demos.

Chris: cool

Chris: what the scene like where you come from

copperpotrock: To tell you the truth I don’t really know of a scene…there’s this whole emo thing going on but we aren’t really emo. And then there’s this punk thing going on but we really aren’t that either. I guess we just fall in between. We play rock music.

Chris: ah cool

copperpotrock: I guess “the scene” was a lot stronger in Jersey a couple years ago…when bands like midtown, saves the day, thursday, cooter, etc were playing a lot of local shows.

Chris: ah cooter is not autopilot one is it

copperpotrock: To tell you the truth we never really tried to be in any scene or fit in…we just play for anyone who digs us.

copperpotrock: yeah..they are autopilot off now…on island records

Chris: nah that cool

Chris: yeah my friend who I know he runs a zine called pee he put them out a comp before they were on island

copperpotrock: cool deal…they are a really great band…I’m glad they got what they deserve.

Chris: they are not bad

Chris: so have you guys played with tokyo rose

copperpotrock: I believe we played a show or two with them. I haven’t seen them with their new lineup though.

Chris: i know one of them left as I chat to ryan on aol

Chris: where I come from which is new zealand have some pretty cool bands and where I live now which is melbourne has cool bands

copperpotrock: rock and roll..we hope to make it there sometime in the near future

Chris: yeah it will rock if yah do

Chris: um how did the band form

Chris: what has been your fav band to play with

Chris: what have you been listening to lately

copperpotrock: a little over a year ago the band “dharma boys” broke up and the bassist and drummer were stuck looking for a singer/songwriter/guitarist. I had been looking for a band for a while and they called and we clicked. I gave them the album I recorded on my own, “nothing lasts forever,” and with mike (guitarist) and we played the songs for the first time and knew it was magic.

Chris: who in the band has the worst taste in music

Chris: if you could be on any tv show what would it be

copperpotrock: we like playing shows with our friends the billionare boys club..they are a fun powerpop band from jersey

copperpotrock: antonio listens to some cheesy 80’s stuff but we all love it

Chris: what have you been listenting to lately

Chris: if you could have a three band bill who would the bands be you played with

copperpotrock: I wish they would bring back 120 minutes on mtv..I would have loved to be on that show.

Chris: sweet

Chris: what your beer of choice

copperpotrock: I really dig this new blindside record. I’m also into this band diffuser. They are from NYC…recorded a great record in 2000. NOt sure what they are up to now. I’m also digging the new ours record. Another great band from Jersey.

Chris: cool

copperpotrock: If Queen were still around I would love to play a show with them. And someone like Rufus Wainwright or Remy Zero.

copperpotrock: I don’t really care for beer. I’m more of a vodka guy. Vox is my fave.

Chris: nice I love vodka and those premixed chick drinks

copperpotrock: cool deal

Chris: well thanks for yah time dude it been sweet

copperpotrock: no prob man…thanks for digging us enough to do the interview

Chris: if yah online some time I can tell you some good bands to check out

copperpotrock: thanks

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