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Claire Clarke

Claire Clarke
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Interview With Claire Clarke By Chris 18/8/05

After hearing Claire Clarke song on Starburst
I knew this a female singer with a voice who will go
I thought she was worth interviewing, so here is the

Claire Clarke

1. Why did you decide to become a singer?

It all started when I stood up at a school talent show and
began to sing ‘The Day You Went Away’ by Wendy
Matthews. As it reverberated around the College auditorium
I could see my audience in a state of high emotion and in
some cases tears!! I’d only recently lost my Dad and
the song was dedicated in his memory. The feeling of being
able to express my emotion and give the audience such
pleasure, and also a little piece of ‘me’ was
absolutely incredible and I loved it. So with a little
encouragement from my teacher, my solo career

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Gosh, Idols! Well, I loved and still absolutely love Kylie.
She is a true Australian artist, who has battled every
hurdle thrown at her in this fickle industry and survived,
coming out as, in my opinion; one of the worlds most
defined and respected Pop artists. Ever-changing and
reinventing, her style is something which has grown and
developed over the years, and the longevity of
Kylie’s career is something I am in awe of. What an

3. Have you had much support from radio?

Local community stations are very supportive. I
haven’t yet had the chance to send out my music to
the more commercial radio stations; nevertheless it is
definitely in my sights! I’d love to hear my music
nationally and see how well I am received! I am so looking
forward to getting my music out there, and sharing a little
bit of “Claire” with the world.

4. What is it like playing live?

Awesome, mind blowing and invigorating all in one. It is
such a joy to share music with an audience, but it is an
even bigger rush when you are expressing your original
songs. It is like opening yourself up for the world to see,
giving the audience that trust and sharing yourself totally
for a whole 3 minutes. Playing live allows me to give to
people in a way in which we can both appreciate the moment
and share unconditionally. Singing in front of a live
audience, and groovin’ away is definitely what I look
forward to the most during the whole process of building my

5. Has the internet helped with your music?

Most definitely. I first was able to get my music out there
with the internet on the Starburst Soundcheck competition
and from there we have developed a website solely for my
music and I’ve been giddy with excitement, for many
people have taken an interest in the music and have
recognised the site and referred other people there also.
It is definitely a roller coaster ride, and the internet
just allows me to share it with people all over the

6. How did you get involved with Soundcheck?

I heard about Soundcheck over the radio, and thought it
would be a wonderful opportunity to gain some exposure, but
more so to see how people reacted to my music. It was a
foot in the door in developing contacts and a small fan
base who enjoyed my music as much as I do.

7. Have you had much response since you put your music
on Soundcheck?

Yes! I was extremely surprised at how well I was received
during the competition. I had numerous responses, with
great feedback and positive reinforcement, and I had many
votes from people all over Australia! Competitions such as
Soundcheck are a great starting point for any young person,
and I believe the opportunity was not wasted.

8. If you could work with any one who would it

Artist – Kylie, or Missy Higgins. They have both been
true to their style, unwavering in their stance to defeat
the status quo and I admire and respect them for their
withstanding vigour. Amazing and beautiful Australian
girls, doing us all proud.

9. Any one you really wanna work with?

I’d love to work with Glenn Wheatley, John
Farnham’s manager. I think this would be such a rich
experience and a life changing opportunity. The knowledge
and esteem that Glenn has is something I’d love to
get an insight into, and if I could work with him I believe
I would grow significantly as an artist.

10. What are your thoughts on realty TV talent shows eg
Australian Idol?

My opinion is not that of judgement of people who do enter
such competitions, though, I personally wouldn’t
enter one. Yes, they are a great way for a TV station to
gain ratings, and eventually for a record company to make a
quick buck, and hopefully for the artist to take advantage
of the opportunity and make something of themselves,
however, longevity of a career is definitely not guaranteed
and many artists do not have the chance to express their
true talent. I know it is a hard industry to crack, but I
believe Reality talent shows blind the home viewer to the
truth that is, if you don’t work hard for it, then
you won’t receive a long standing career. Many of the
artists who have succeeded in these ‘reality TV
shows’ have gone on to be moulded by that of the
record company and released one or two songs, and possibly
an album in a style which they have not defined or
developed, and especially in a music style which
isn’t their own. This part, I am opposed to.
Nevertheless, I’m sure the contestants learn a great
deal and gain much industry knowledge which is a bonus.
Myself, I would advise to any young striving artist to go
out there and learn the ins and outs of the industry and
identify your own unique style and goals, develop it and
then you may find, such a show is not suited to you, and if
it is, go for it!

11. If you could have a dream gig line up who would they

Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul. Elvis Presley
– The King of Rock. Kylie Minogue – The
Princess of Pop. That’s probably asking too much
isn’t it *laughter*

12. What is it like being an independent artist in

Australia is very supportive of their new, up and coming
artists and as an independent artist in this environment I
have received so much support, feedback and positive
critiquing. This has helped me to grow and learn vast
amounts in a short time. Obviously it’s not the
easiest road to achieving your goals, however, in the long
run; being an independent is worth all the blood sweat and
tears. I really appreciate everyone who has taken me under
their wing and passed on years of knowledge to a little
tacker like me, and I’m proud to be a young
Australian when such support is consistently given!

13. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

I’d be on The Simpsons! I’d love to live in a
town where everyone was yellow, and I could say “Ay
Carumba” without receiving odd looks!

14. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Missy Higgins – The Sound of White (Fantastic music,
and amazing lyrics) Guy Sebastian – Beautiful Life
(An artist I truly admire, for maintaining his unique style
and breaking into the American market, GREAT MUSIC!) John
Mayer – Room for squares (I love John Mayer)

15. What are some of your favourite musicial

I really like Maroon 5, their music is chilled and funky,
perfect for hanging out with friends! Generally though, I
don’t really have a favourite. I love all styles of
music and appreciate everything from heavy rock through to
classical! I think that being a well rounded artist
includes collaborating with all different people, and
mixing with all different styles. This has helped me to
discover my own niche and groove.

16. What movies you have seen lately you have really

To be honest I haven’t had time because I’ve
been sooo busy! The last movie I did see though was
Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, which appealed oddly to my
wacky sense of humour, however left me with a sense of
confusion! Still thoroughly enjoyed that though. I
didn’t so much enjoy Sin City… that was a bit
‘out there’ for my liking.

17. What are your favourite movies?

Favourite movies, gosh, I have sooo many. I love Sweet Home
Alabama, its VERY cool. And of course the old favourite Ten
Things I Hate about You, I’m a sucker for sap

18. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Good for cheap thrills.

Thanks To Chris Of Bluestone Records for setting up and
Claire Clarke for doing it

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