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Chris Flaskas


Chris Flaskas is a local  Aussie singer songwriter who I heard some stuff dug and knew I had to get him on the site

1.What was the inspiration behind the ep?
The people whom surround me and this beautiful Earth that we live on. The relationships that we form with each other and all walks of creation. Im fascinated by the fine balance that is within and all around of us and inspired by the power that we hold being free will the choice to create or destroy.

2. How did the songs come together for the ep?
They just all fell into place from the making of the first and star track of the EP “When The Gold Is Gone” After writing that song it really gave me direction for the intent of what I wished to portray with this Ep. The intension being uplifting, motivational and informative.

3.Had the songwriting had changed from when you were starting out?
The structure of my song writing has definitely changed over years of writing and observing other works I have created more direction in my creations but the intent of my writings haven’t budged from the very first day I held the pen till now.

4.Was the recording process different to earlier material?
The recording process for this Ep was really eclectic it was very free flowing and I acted off a feeling rather than the supposed conventional way of choosing a studio and producer to complete the whole project. There are 4 songs and 3 of them were produced at different studios with different producers. Risky but Im happy with the outcome.

5. What do you hope people get out of the EP when it’s released?
I wish that the listener feels up and for most empowered to make the changes they wish to craft there reality in a positive manner and that within self realisation they can see a much more diverse and colourful world that they live in and are a part of.

6.Do you have plans to go overseas once the EP is released and have toured the EP?
Over seas would be a dream to tour with this EP but the short answer for now is No there are no current plans for overseas travels with this EP but I am currently touring down the East Coast of Australia performing the new EP and all is going splendid.

7. What do you hope people will get out of your live shows?
My Live shows are a lot of fun and very interactive with lots of moving energy. I would only hope that the listener would leave my shows once again feeling, stress free, empowered, motivated, uplifted and ready to flow through there life in the way that they wish it to be.

8. Do you have any rituals before playing live?
Im a big ritual man. When I travel to every show or within an hour or two before I perform I begin with setting my intensions and visualising how I wish the show to turn out. I take a few breaths letting go of my day any business, stress or tensions then I focus on the present and my performance to be. I then do all my vocal exercises.

9.What is next for the band?
Im currently just a solo multi instrumentalist. I will expand to a band in the near future but for now Im wishing to do more travelling with my act expanding the intent of my music overseas and all around our country. Currently Im focusing on larger events/ festivals and coordinating the next recordings for my latest content I wish to share.

10. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?
A collaboration with Xavier Rudd he is such an incredible soul who’s music has assisted my path ten fold. That would be beyond cool !!!!

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