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So Energizer are making mobile phones now. well a company called Avenir Telecom are making them under license. I currently already use their cables and cases. Can get them here in Australia at Woolworths. but the phones no. The Power Max P600s looks way cool.  It’s an android phone with 7.0 on it. My oneplusone phone currently only has 6.0 and I can’t upgrade it. 4500 mah battery life and a Mediatek helio p25 Octa-Core 2.5 Ghz  CPU.

Your choice of ram and storage. 32gb of storage gets you 3GB of ram. 64gb of storage gets you 6gb of Ram. Dual sim and extra storage up to 256gb. Type C charging port but for me the most thing is that is still has a head phone jack. I still use headphones with a cord. 18:9 screen. Dual main cameras and one front facing camera. The phone looks cool and I for one would love to see them in Australia.