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The talented Destiny Love who podcast I plugged a few days ago you can become a Patron to it. You can start from a $1 to $100 bucks a month and their are special things you can get the more you donate. Here is the link to the page and this what she said about it.

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I love it when I get to share my friends music on my site and this is their new amazing new tune I Am One. I love what these two do and it’s always a pleasure when I get to see them live and also hang out with them. Kult Kyss are ones to watch out for as they are just damn good.



‘I’ll Never Want A BF’ is Sandridge’s most unapologetic and meatiest work to date. Nodding
somewhat to the eighties, Sandridge’s theatrical vocals spill over the top of fuzzed out guitars, a
gritty synth bass and hard hitting disco hi-hats. Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The
Drones) at Melbourne’s Soundpark studios and mixed by Sandridge’s previous collaborator Tony
Buchen (The Preatures) in LA. Sandridge heads out on tour in support of the new single with
dates in Australia, Europe and the UK.
“The song title says it all. I’ll never want a boyfriend… Without a doubt this is the most
autobiographical song I’ve ever written. My Mum gave my number to a customer (a grandfather)
to give to his grand son, when I had a girlfriend. It was pretty delegitimizing. ..Sorry Mum (I love
you)” Sandridge says of the track.
A nomadic pop/punk logomaniac, Bec Sandridge has a guitar swagger reminiscent of Prince,
and the delivery of new wave icons like David Byrne. Her previous singles ‘In The Fog, In The
Flame,’ ‘You’re A Fucking Joke’ and ‘High Tide’ all landed high rotation on triple j, 3RRR, FBi and
community stations throughout Australia alongside international airplay in Europe.
2016 was a pivotal year for Bec – after winning the triple j Unearthed competition to play Yours
and Owls Festival she signed to Wollongong label Farmer and the Owl to release her In The Fog
EP. As well as play a myriad of shows supporting the likes of Montaigne and Cub Sport and
nabbing festival slots at Festival Of The Sun, Fairgrounds and BIGSOUND.
At home on the stage, Sandridge has traversed the country in 2017 with tours alongside The
Rubens, Highasakite, The Naked & Famous and Mitski. Also, appearances at Groovin The Moo,
The Hills Are Alive, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Mountain Sounds Festival and a welcome return
to Yours & Owls Festival, with The Plot still to come.
For the upcoming Australian dates Sandridge has partnered with LISTEN to present the shows.
“Because shows should always be inclusive and safe spaces. I want to ensure that everyone has a
good time and that everyone feels welcome and celebrated. It means that behaviour like
sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism simply aren’t tolerated which is important
and cool. “

Bec Sandridge – ‘I’ll Never Want A BF’ Tour Dates

Australian Tour Dates Presented By LISTEN & 123 Agency
17th November – Howler, Melbourne
24th November – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
25th November – Blackbear Lodge, Brisbane

Breath of Inspiration Destiny Love amazing new podcast. If you’d like to relax, restore your vitality, and strengthen your practice of cultivating inner peace, this podcast is for you. Here, Destiny Love guides embodied meditations woven with inspiring contemplations; breath-full and spacious, nectar for the ears.  I love all the stuff Destiny does so this is something special she is doing here and it’s great to hear this podcast that she is doing so far.


Here is another electro banger to get your head and ears around. It’s called Human Connection by Little Earthquake.

This is good upbeat catchy tune so get behind it and crank it loud.



Sophie Serafino

Photos by Paul Buceta

The luscious Sophie Serafino is amazing musician who I have known for a number of years. I adore all her music, she is an incredible Violin player. She is a fantastic singer as well as being an all round talented lady. Now based in Canada and married with two kids. She is still creating and making incredible music. I had to share these pictures of her as she still looks jaw dropping. So she is my site beauty of the week.

To find out more about Sophie visit here


JonoJosh is a talented Canadian musician who is doing good things. This is what he had to say when he answered my questions.

1. How did you get into music?

That’s kinda a funny thing for me because the reason I was named JJ was that my mom felt before I was born that I was going to be jumping and joyful. Anyone that knows me knows that this is inherently true. Music and the arts have been something I’ve enjoyed since I was born.

2. How did the inspiration for the song Chances shape the song and the way it came out?

It’s a strange thing when you are writing about a true story because one hand you want to respect the person it was written about by letting it be their story to tell. And I struggled with this for some time with this song. I was lucky that I got to sing the song for the family affected by it and they received it very positively. And when I wrote it that was the entire purpose of the song… It was meant to be sung just for them. But then I kept coming back to it and I realized that maybe it was meant to have a larger life than that.

3. How does a song start for you?

I love writing music. Usually, I start by getting inspired by a phrase with a melody that I really like. I’ll repeat the same line for ages until I feel inspired to say something else. Sometimes this process goes for weeks before the song is completed and sometimes the entire piece will be finished in 15 minutes. Chance was one of those songs that wrote itself in about 15 mins. Every word of the song needed to be said so I had to keep it the way it was. Only one word ever changed over the years since that first writing and it was actually changed back for this recording.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

my live show is very inspired by the gospel singer Tye Tribbett, Tonex, and my brother Nathan Gerber. My songwriting, however, is very different. Becuase I write based on an idea and not a Genre I can’t actually say it’s inspired by any other artists… There are a lot of musicians that I really look up to and even some that people compare us to: Anderson Paak, Dangelo, Dina Washington, etc. But that’s always an after effect, not an initially planned idea.

5. Has your songwriting changed from when you were starting out?

I think it has absolutely. My songs are a bit straighter to the point now… I think my older songs that I wrote 10 years ago are so steeped in imagery that they bring a completely different color to the pieces. (and yes I really doubt you’ll find those anywhere).

6. What has been the best piece of advice you have given about your music career?

“Find the reason why you do what you do and that is what will bring fulfillment.”

7. Do you have set theme for your music or does it go with the flow and changes?

It does eb and flow but that being said I tend to go project to project. The current project is a very live feel which is a departure from the Outside Ep. However that being said we do plan on returning with some more electronic music next year, and after that, I’m hoping to do a full-length Motown themed album.

8. Were you happy with the response to your debut EP Outside?

I was! That EP had a life on it’s own that I couldn’t have ever guessed would happen. Some of the songs got used in Crux the Musical. I think the coolest thing was going out dancing and hearing Hypnotized come on! Outside was such a fun experience to have with the fly crew. Which is partially why this Ep is coming out. It’s basically the aftermath of the outside EP. I would almost go as far as saying this is Outside 2.0.

9. What do you like about the scene where you are from?

Toronto artists are so supportive of each other. We often write together, or we support each other at shows and on top of that, these artists are trendsetters: Monowhales, Andi, Moonhead. The quality of live music is truly elevated here.

10. What next for yourself?

The fly crew loves to do experiences. So we currently are planned to do an acoustic Experience on the 26’th in west Toronto. Check out the JonoJosh facebook page for more details as it will be very limited seating and on January 18’th we are going to be performing with Silverlinings and Tringa at the Supermarket. If people want to find me though I will be performing every day in Grease Toronto at the Wintergarden Theatre in Toronto which opens November 9’th.

I adore Hen she is one of my all time favorite Australian singer songwriters. This is a new direction for her as she used to be known under her real name Julia Henning. This is to me the perfect pop tune, the production is perfect, the vocals shine and the songwriting and musicianship is second to none. Hen is simply of the most exciting acts to come out of Australia in a long time. She is also a jaw dropper and you will be seeing an interview with her real soon on here on Parx-e. You can purchase the tune from Google Play ITunes & her website

The Midnight

Ok The Midnight are like my favorite act at the moment. They are total love letter to the 80’s. Their songs are just magical and the production is excellent. Comprised of Danish Producer, Songwriter and Singer Tim McEwan and American Singer-songwriter, Tyler Lyle. So I had to interview them.

1. What was the inspiration behind The Midnight and how it formed?

Me (Tim, the producer) and Tyler (lead singer) met in a writing session back in 2012 and it instantly felt special. There is a Japanese term: Mono no aware. It means basically, the sad beauty of seeing time pass – the aching awareness of impermanence. These are the days that we will return to one day in the future only in memories. That is what The Midnight is.

2. How does a song start for you guys?

Tyler lives in NYC and I live in LA so usually we like to be in the same room. I’ll play him some rough ideas or sometimes even just some chords on a synth and if Tyler is feeling it then he’ll just start writing. Other times I’ll send him rough ideas from LA and he’ll write in NYC and send me vocals. It really depends on what’s logistically possible.

3. Where does inspiration come to you guys for the music?

For me it’s music and movies. I get really inspired by visuals.

4. Has the songwriting changed from when you guys were starting out?

not at all. It’s still the exact same process, except that Tyler no longer lives in LA so we have to work over the internet sometimes. But we prefer to be in the same room.

5. How important is things like New Retro Wave to what you guys are doing?

New Retro Wave is and continues to be a huge factor i the Synthwave scene. They’ve been a big support for us on both Endless Summer and Nocturnal and we have a great relationship with them.

6. How important is the scene you guys are in and the support you guys are getting from fans and your peers?

The support is huge for us and I love how tight nit the community is. I feel like we all support the success someone is having because we know that it helps the whole scene grow.

7. Do you think Bandcamp plays a big part in what you guys do?

Bandcamp is great because it allow an artist to instantly upload their music, making it accessable for the whole world. But for a more mainstream reach, you really need the major streaming platforms and online stores. Bandcamp is by far the better platform though, in my opinion, in terms of the product you’re getting. It allows the artist to choose his or her own price and also allows for the customer to donate or pay more. Bandcamp also offers multiple high quality audio formats such as WAV, Lossless, AAC etc.

8. Are you happy how the music has been received so far?

The reception for ‘Nocturnal’ has been incredible so far. It went straight to no. 1 on Bandcamp and stayed there for 10 days. The week after, it made it to no. 17 on the official Billboard dance/electronic album chart, which is insane! We’re blown away and humbled.

9. What do you like about collaborating with others?

It’s just like adding a new spice to your kitchen. Suddenly you have this other dimension is your sound.

10. What has been your favorite gig to date?

We’ve only had one live gig so that’s easy to answer haha! San Fransisco in July this year. It was an EPIC night. People flew in from other states and even other countries. It was amazing.

11. What is next for the band?

We’ll be dropping a new EP next year around summer time and also start to play a few more live shows in select cities in the US.

Katey Laurel

Photos by Art Heffron

Katey Laurel is my site beauty of the week who has a new EP coming out real soon which I am very much looking forward to hearing. She is also one of the most beautiful people’s I have ever interviewed. She a flawless natural beauty with an incredible voice and first rate song writing that deserves to be heard. This is a hard-working talent that keeps on putting out incredible music. She is seriously stunning and this is why she is my second beauty of the week.