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Olivia May – Don’t Look

I adore what Olivia May does, I think she is an incredibly beautiful talented lady and this year she released her latest album Don’t Look and it is a first rate album the production quality is excellent you can tell in her latest single Ruins. It is upbeat pop music that has hints of rock like the opening track Lost In The Crowd. The song writing for this type of music is polished and first rate. Olivia music would easily could be played on radio and people would be hooked. Tonight is another track that let’s her vocals shine it’s more of a ballad type track but still has power and passion and grabs you. Fire reminds me a lot of her song Ruins has the same style of energy and passion. Eh Eh is a catchy number and I love her vocals they truly shine, her voice is on fire. Miami has got an acoustic vibe with a catchy beat behind it. Her vocals shine here and the song is different type of pace to the rest of the album but adds something special. Stay is another song that deserves radio play the use of the piano, the beats the way is structured and how Olivia sings truly works. Leaving You Behind is a great way to finish off the album, it’s a solid song that highlights how amazing is with her song writing, lyrics and vocals. You also get a bunch of acoustic versions of some of the songs off the album. Overall it’s a great album by Olivia, she has put out something she should be really proud of. She is a fantastic talent and everything she does here is first rate and you should be listening to it.


Jessica Vaughn

Photos by Chris Wood

I’ve been supporting Jessica career since 2004, yes that long and I still have the first EP she did. So she is going to New York in may to record for some very special vinyl where you pre-order with a song you want her to record from  a list of amazing songs from her vast first class catalog of music.  But I’ll let her say it best here.

I’m heading to NY in May to make an extremely limited run of direct-to-vinyl lathe cut records at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. Each individual 45 rpm record will be one of a kind. So Cool!

Preorder now and request a song from my back catalogue — each record will be the only copy in existence, and it will be 100% custom made just for you!

Direct-To-Vinyl Office Session Preorder: Jessica Vaughn

So this gorgeous talented lady is my beauty of the week and yes I have placed my order for this.

Chandler Juliet has released her incredible new song Coming Down. It’s a good solid pop song and I am hooked. I for one can’t wait to hear more. Expect an interview with her on the site real soon. You can get the song at all good digital music retailers.


Brisbane based Metalcore newcomers Grave Places have just released their new single ‘Lighthouse’.

Grave Places recently released their debut single and music video ‘XXXX Bummer’. The single received airplay on radio stations around the country and was premiered via Depth Magazine.

Grave Places formed in 2016 under a different alias and have been playing shows around Brisbane ever since to hone their craft.

They have since shared the stage with the likes of Rare Words, Outlive, Kings, Fragments, Particles In Motion and What We’re Worth plus many more.

The band recently teamed up with producer Troy Brady (formerly of The Amity Affliction) to record their new singles.

Alicia Sky

Photo by Dovvie

What can I say but Alicia Sky is a jaw dropper. Such a stunning woman.  You can tell she has worked hard to take care of herself as every inch of that body is perfection.  She has such a beautiful smile and an amazing outlook on life. I got to meet her earlier in the year and she was such a lovely person to hang out with. You will see an interview with her in my video series on my trip to America. I reckon she is smoking hot. A fantastic singer and if you see her in the Mr Fancypants Video and her wearing that gold outfit, you will see why I think she is stunning and also a star in the making. This is why she is my beauty of the week.



I adore Hen and think she is a phenomenal talent and also think she is incredibly beautiful her debut song as Hen Raincoats is a stunning piece of work. So I am making this gorgeous talented lady my beauty of the week again on my site. She has kindly let me use her song in my upcoming video. So very happy about that.

Scarlet Drive

Scarlet Drive are an Aussie band doing good things and this is what they had to say about it all.


Scarlet Drive:

Michael ‘Milli’ Millimaci

Michael Madafferi

Maddey Eccleston

Brandon Francis

1. How did you get into music?

1. Milli: I got into music at a young age, my dad is a musician so I’ve been going to gigs since I was 2. I was exposed to a lot of classical music and bands like The Beatles, The Police and Dire Straits became the soundtrack of my early childhood. At 3 I started playing piano, which I continued until I made the jump to guitar and haven’t stopped playing since.

Brandon: I was actually inspired by School of Rock to start playing guitar until my brother got me into playing drums which led to the band today


2. How did the inspiration for the song Ceto come about?

2. Milli: Ceto was born out of a chord progression I came up with and jammed with the guys until the song structure gradually formed. The song’s melancholy but driving dynamic was the perfect fit for the message I wanted to convey.

Maddey: At the time we were listening together to a lot of bands we idolised and understanding how they convey their message, and that gradually translated that into how we could create our own message.


3. How does a song start for you?

3. Brandon: With the band most songs start from just jamming, like one of us would have a cool guitar riff and from that we build around it.

Maddey: Like the calm before the storm, but with a bit more tension.


4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

4. Maddey: The inspiration comes from wanting to share what we have, and being able to share it with people who can engage in the moods and messages we create

Brandon: Personally, from experience and just anything I’m really passionate about because I like writing in first person

Michael: I draw my inspiration from other people around me and also from the greats.

Milli: We have quite an eclectic mix of individual music preferences, but some of the artists in common are the Chili Peppers, The Beatles, The Pixies, Sticky Fingers and Tired Lion.


5. Has your songwriting changed from when you were starting out?

5. Michael: Our songwriting has become more melodic and focused more on catchy and interesting hooks.

Maddey: The songwriting has gotten more complex as we’ve been able to understand it more.


6. What has been the best piece of advice you have given about your music career?

6. Michael: Just be yourself, no one can do you better than you and if you can find a way to express that through music and playing you’ll find success within.


7. Do you have set theme for your music or does it go with the flow and changes?

7. Brandon: Our music is pretty diverse and our songs come from different places, especially since we all have input on the songs, so there isn’t one particular theme

Michael: Our music i feel is more of an experience and feeling rather than set genres, our overall sound will always be similar but no two songs sound quite the same.

8. Do like to write with out inspiration or distractions or do you need a bit of both?

8. Milli: I don’t think I really have a preference. We once wrote a song a couple minutes before we went on stage with music blaring and the lyrics haven’t changed since. What’s most important is your connection with the music and if you can focus with a distraction then do what works for you.

9. How important is having a plan in place for your music?

9. Michael: I feel that having a sense of direction within the songwriting process is important for establishing a theme and feel of the songs.

Milli: This is a bit of a tough question because I think it’s all about striking a balance between having a plan and being prepared, but also maintaining the spontaneity and passion that makes music so exciting. Some things can never be pre-planned.

10. How important is your brand Scarlet Drive?

10. Michael: The brand scarlet drive is important to all of us because it represents our unique personalities and passion individually whilst also having a collective sound and family bond.

Brandon: I think everyone just needs a passion, whether it’s music, art, collecting Pokémon cards or rubbing your belly while patting your head. Just something to distract you from the real world. And mine is Scarlet Drive.

Sydney’s number one party starter KLP today releases her first single for 2018, February’s anthem in the form of ‘Carried Away’ featuring Melbourne’s Milwaukee Banks and to celebrate she’ll cover seven states on a 14 date national tour commencing next week.

Co-produced by KLP herself and hit producers Super Cruel (Jesse Porches and Tigerilla), the single employs an amalgam of jagged electro melodies and spacious beats. Paired with KLP’s soothing vocals in the chorus, Milwaukee Banks brings maximum vibe with his verse; ‘Carried Away’ is a party from start to finish, perfectly sound-tracking your summer fling.

In her promise to release new music quarterly, ‘Carried Away’ is the fourth instalment following last years’ cavalcade of music which saw singles ‘Melt’ and ‘Never Be The Same’ receive adds on triple j and featured with the likes of US DJ MAG, UK’s Pop Justice and more.

Recently announced on What So Not’s long awaited debut album, the Electro-pop monarch will reinforce her status featuring on forthcoming track ‘Goh’ alongside Skrillex. KLP also co-wrote and featured on Slumberjack’s 2017 Fracture EP on their club track ‘Take Me’, performing with them at their Splendour in the Grass set as well as her vocals featuring on US bass-slime lord Snails album track ‘Forever’ and Australian electro legends The Presets upcoming album.

So grab your crew, 2018 is about to get carried away.

Out Now
Via KLP’s label Cereus Records


Thur 22 Feb – Riverstage, Brisbane
Sat 24 Feb – The Goods Shed, Hobart
Sun 4 Mar – Manly Wharf Hotel, Manly
Sun 11 Mar – Star Bar, Bendigo
Fri 16 Mar – Mr Wolf, Canberra
Sun 18 Mar – Marco Polo @ Ivy Nightclub, Sydney
Sat 24 Mar – Fat Controller, Adelaide
Sat 31 Mar – The Helm, Sunshine Coast
Sun 1 April – The Beery, Central Coast
Fri 6 April – Scion, Perth
Sat 7 April – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth
Fri 13 April – Monash Uni, Melbourne
Sat 14 April – Commonwealth Games @ The Star Lawn, Gold Coast
Sat 21 April – Déjá Vu @ The Grand Hotel, Wollongong

Tickets and more info from


Brisbane based Metalcore newcomers Grave Places have just released their debut single and film clip ‘XXXX Bummer’.

‘XXXX Bummer’ was premiered recently through Depth Magazine. The track focuses on the struggles of self-medication and mental illness.

Grave Places formed in 2016 under a different alias and have been playing shows around Brisbane ever since to hone their craft.

They have since shared the stage with the likes of Rare Words, Outlive, Kings, Fragments, Particles In Motion and What We’re Worth plus many more.

The band recently teamed up with producer Troy Brady (formerly of The Amity Affliction) to record new music for release this year.

‘XXXX Bummer’ is available for download via all major online stores.

CJ Burnett

I love Synthwave, I just really dig it and when I came across CJ Burnett thanks to NewRetroWave just had to interview him and this is what he had to say.


1. How did you get into music?

I come from a musical family so since I was a kid there was always music in the house. My father who is a guitarist would always play classics like The Beatles, Eagles, and country or bluegrass. My mother always had 60s music and 70s disco in her car so I was always exposed to music. My music taste would eventually grow. I picked up guitar when I was 10 and got into synthesizers later on.

2. What inspired you to do Retrowave music?

I discovered the synthwave scene from a movie called “The ABC’s Of Death” back in 2013. One of the segments in the movie had this very awesome synth instrumental track. I enjoyed it so much that I had to look up the artist. I found out it was by a duo called Power Glove and from there I discovered their other music and many other artists in the same genre. Before that though I’ve always loved the 80s era, there’s just something special about that time period and was always interested in making music inspired from that time period. However it wasn’t until about a year or so ago that I decided to make and produce my own music.

3. Are you happy with the response to the music?

Very much so. So far the response has been very positive.

4. Where does an idea for a song start for you?

I usually start with a bassline or even a melody and then I start jamming over it until I find something that I like and then build off of that. When I make a song I try to paint a certain scene or emotion whether it be something that makes you nostalgic, something you can dance to, or listen to driving down an open road.

5. What was the inspiration for your album and are you happy with responses?

My inspiration for this album was my love for 80s music, shows, movies, video games, sports cars, and the night life in New York City.

6. Was the production of the album different to earlier material?

This was my first effort however before this release I did a few demo tracks. I guess the difference would be that I got better at producing and I’ll continue to as I do it more.

7. How important do you think are sites such as Newretrowave?

I think they are important to the scene because they give great exposure to up and coming artists as well as new material from artists that have been in the scene for a long time. The New Retro Wave youtube channel is how I discovered most of the artists I listen to. There are also many other great channels, stations and blogs out there such as Neon Nights, The 80s Guy, Beyond Synth, Recall FM, The Shadows Hand, Synthwave Emotions. The list just goes on.

8. Why do you think the Retrowave scene is so supportive?

I think people in the scene share a lot of the same interests and also the fact that the genre is still somewhat underground so I think the community is just tighter naturally because of that.

9. What do you hope people get out of your music?

If people can connect with my music and take them back to a certain memory or simpler time of the past then that’s very rewarding to me.

10. What next for yourself?

Right now I am working on a follow up EP as well as some collaborations which should be out hopefully in the spring or summer of this year.