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Tafari Anthony

Tafari Anthony is a talented artist from Canada. Dug what I heard and he has a new song out called To The End. This is what he had to say about it all.

1. What was the inspiration behind the new song and how was it structured?

I wrote “To the End” with my good friend Ava Kay at a time where I made a very conscious decision to stop making excuses for why I couldn’t do music. For so long I stopped myself because I thought I was overweight, because it cost too much, because I didn’t know the right people, because I wasn’t good enough – eventually I realized it’s all bullshit. I told myself if I want to do this, then I have to make it my own way, in spite of the things I felt I lacked.


2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?

I’m very happy! This song pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could go. The song is definitely a pop song. Because of the way it’s written, it was my job to stay true to what it was and make sure not to push it in a direction it wasn’t supposed to go. It took a lot of trial and error on my part with the production to really figure out how to bring out that obvious “pop” feel, but still keep the honesty of the original piano/vocal demo.

When people listen to my song, I hope they can relate to the struggle of wanting something and having to really push to achieve it. For those who maybe don’t have that strength yet, I hope this song can be an anthem for their lives to help them continue to work hard for the things they want.


3. How does a song normally come to you?

In many different ways. Lately, a lot of songs I’ve written have come to me in dreams. I must be getting some really good sleep these days! hahaha! I’m a very observant person by nature. I tend to be quiet in groups and “people watch”, this gives many opportunities for some interesting song ideas. I’m also the friend that a lot of my friends come to for advice on their life problems… and that definitely inspires many songs! haha


4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?

I think the biggest difference now from when I started out is a real sense of focus. I think for most artists the inspiration sometimes stays the same. We figure out early on what the things are that we like to write about, what fuels our creativity, and with each project it morphs and changes (hopefully for the better). I often joke that I still write the same stuff I used to when I was 12… but hopefully the lyrics are better now!


5. How does it feel to having your new EP Remember When out?

It’s great…but also weird! When I initially went into the project I thought it would be completed and released maybe 6 months after Die for You …Fast forward to over a year later and here we are! It took longer than I anticipated, but just like the first EP, I wanted to make sure it was done right and not just “put it out to put it out”. I’m glad it’s getting such a positive response so far!


6. How was the recording process different to last EP?

Honestly, the process was very much the same. The difference being that this time around I had more clarity on what needed to be done. I focused more on what direction would be the right one to continue the story. I also knew who I wanted to play on the record from the get go. This made me write in a different way so that I could showcase talents like Alex St. Kitts (who plays bass on every song minus “To the End”), Dan Trapp & Marito Marques on drums (both compliment each other but offer such different vibes), Jon Mychal and Kyle McGill on guitars, and Ava Kay and myself on keys. I kept the team very small for this one because it just felt right.


7. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?

Last year CBC radio added my song Know Better to their programming simply because they loved the song, and it literally changed my life! Radio wasn’t even on my radar when I put out that EP, and the love and support I’ve gotten from them has been something I really cherish. It’s helped bring my music to so many more people, and gave me renewed confidence that I was on the right path.


8. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?

Oh yes! It’s usually in the middle of writing haha. I start a lot of songs, and then sometimes part way through I just get stuck and my ideas just stop flowing. Most times if I take a bit of a break to clear my mind and come back to it, it’s a go! Sometimes I just need to push through it though. Not everything will be great, but there is definitely a discipline needed to write and do it consistently.


9. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?

I want to continue to reach a wider audience while still creating honest music that I believe in. It can be very tempting to try and change myself to fit in. I want to stay true to myself, go on tour as a solo artist, record and write with other artists and fully immerse myself as a successful, full time musician.

I’m hoping this year will bring some opportunities to work with a label. I know we’re in a time where you could be with or without a label, but for me, I welcome the opportunity of having that kind of support and guidance.

If all else fails, just put me on tour with Beyonce cleaning her shoes or something…


10. What is next for yourself

Now that Remember When is out, I’d love to say I’m taking a little downtime, but that’s definitely not the kind of person I am! The work continues – gotta reach that Beyonce status! I’m touring throughout the fall with my acappella band Eh440, while working on the next batch of songs. I will continue to push Remember When and see what milestones we can achieve with this one!



Maya Killtron

Maya Killtron is a talented musician from Canada who is extremely hard working as we did this interview she was about to have some time off which she tells me which is the first time in ages. So I did this interview on Skype and she was a pleasure to interview. So please do have a listen down below


Self Talk

Self Talk are a Melbourne band doing amazing things. I knew I had to interview them. This is what Stacey and Amanda from the band had to say. They have a new EP out August 11th and are going on tour.

With special guests


1. What was the inspiration behind the new EP and how was it structured?

Stace: The songs are kind of the next wave of Self Talk songs. We wrote them over a pretty long time, and they just felt like fit well together on the record. There’s a good mix of the loud, hooky stuff that we love, but also some more subtle moments, so it’s a good picture of where we are right now.

2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?

Amanda: Definitely! It feels like a complete record. We want to be able to tell a story but also make music that people can have a good time to. We also love playing live so hopefully people get a sense of our energy at shows through the recordings.

3. How does a song normally come to you?

Stace: I’m trying to figure this out myself! I’m always jotting down lyrics that come to me, then pulling them out later and trying to get some guitar to fit. Or I might just play guitar and suddenly think of some words to go with it and go from there. It’s important for me that it’s a natural thing, if it’s too forced I don’t think the songs turn out that great!

4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?

Stace: In terms of what I write about, nothing much has changed. I’m usually writing about my personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, with the exception of a few songs. I’m very much inspired by the music of my favourite artists, and the local artists I’m surrounded by – when I hear the amazing music that’s being released it really makes me want to write more songs.

5. What does having fans mean to you?

Amanda: I think it’s just about getting our music out there. It doesn’t matter how big or small the band is, or how long you’ve been playing for – the feeling you get when someone is enjoying or able to relate to your music is unlike anything. We feel really humbled when people come to shows!

6. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?

Amanda: Playing with bands like Luca Brasi has been a highlight, for sure. Nothing beats the feeling of playing to a packed, humming room full of people who love music just as much as you do.
Stace: Having Lost Boy Records put out our new EP on vinyl is a big highlight, too. It’s so nice to have someone take such an interest in what we’re creating.

7. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?

Stace: Yeah, definitely. Sometimes it doesn’t come as naturally as I’d like it to, so I have to walk away and come back to it. I don’t always like what I write when I force it.

8. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?

Stace: I think we’d just like to do as much as we can with the band, keep putting out our best music and see where that takes us. We’ll definitely use the end of this year to start writing some new stuff and see what happens from there!

9. What is next for the band?

Amanda: We are heading off on tour to Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra in August, off the back of our EP Launch in Melbourne on the 12th of August. We have a few gigs coming up later in the year, and then we plan to jump back in the studio and get some more recordings out.

Natalie Pearson

Photos used with Natalie permission

Natalie Pearson has been one of my favorite discoveries of this year. Incredibly talented country singer songwriter from Australia with a huge future ahead of her. She also drop dead gorgeous. She really is the complete package. She played a show in May at The Workers Club and before the gig we briefly chatted and this is what she had to say so please listen. To me she is a star and she has me as a fan and supporter for life now.


Abby Ramsay

Photos used with Abby permission.

Ok social media has made it easier for me to get interviews with people. Some one finds me on Instagram or I some how follow them and this is the case with Abby Ramsay. I liked the look of what she was doing, so I sent her a message and a day later, we were chatting. It was a pleasure to interview Abby and find out what she is doing acting, modeling and her support for various causes. Abby is currently studying acting. This is what she had to say so please listen.


Imogen Clark

Photo by Shot by Jake

Alright so Imogen Clark is an amazing Australian singer songwriter doing amazing stuff in Australia. She is signed to the legendary Lost Highway Records. I thought it was about time I interviewed for the site and you know what, one of the best interviews I have done this year. She was just so plain lovely and nice over the phone. She gave some great answers and was a total sweetheart. With a new album out on the way, produced by Diesel. Yes that Diesel. If you haven’t discovered Imogen Clark now the time to do so. She is amazing.

Stand Atlantic

Stand Atlantic are a Sydney band who have just signed to European label Rude Records. They will be releasing their new EP Sidewinder on September 15. This what Bonnie from the band had to say.  


1. What was the inspiration behind the new EP and how was it structured?
Not being afraid to get what you want out of life, being second best and making mistakes. We just wanted to write a good record. We were stuck in a weird place musically and didn’t know how to progress forward in the right way, so this EP was a huge rejuvenation for us as a band and even as people.

2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?
We are super happy with this EP, the proudest we’ve been over anything we’ve ever written. We really explored the punkier side of pop punk in this record and hopefully it translates and people dig it.

3. How does a song normally come to you?
It’s honestly different every time! Sometimes a whole song will come about just from a simple guitar riff, or a verse/chorus idea I’ve written acoustically, other times Potter will have a full band instrumental demo written. I’m pretty sure we’ve written a song based solely off one word before… So there’s a lot of ways haha.

4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?
Lyrically for me, Iooking back I used to write pretty much anything I wanted without thinking about how honest I was being. I’ve realised over time how helpful it can be not only for myself, but for other people listening, to let yourself be vulnerable. It’s so much cooler when you listen and connect to a piece of music feeling like the writer is being 100% honest. That’s the number one thing I check myself for when writing now.

5. How does it feel to be signed to Rude Records?
Surreal. It was a goal of ours to be able to release this EP on a label (however realistic it was or wasn’t haha) so to be in the hands of a label like Rude feels really cool, they are such a passionate team.

6. How does having fans mean to you?
It’s always so heart-warming when people let us know they like our music and show their support, so it means a lot!

7. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?
It’s a solid tie between finishing writing this EP and signing to Rude Records… Both things we are so proud of!

8. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?
Definitely. Writers block is a very real thing. I’ve found the only thing you can really do is step away and focus on something totally unrelated for a bit, then come back to it.

9. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?
We love touring and writing songs, so chances are 2017 will play a big part in that for sure!

10. What is next for yourself?
We’re getting ready to release our EP ‘Sidewinder’ on September 15th this year, we have some cool things to come!


My friends in Passerine have a new ep out called More Human and this is what they had to say about it.

1. What was the inspiration behind the new EP?
Lyrically, there’s a lot of stuff in there about man vs machine, the natural world and the way we relate to it…. It’s not just a collection of love songs, there’s quite a bit more to it than that. The title track was lyrically inspired by an epic roadtrip Phoebe did to the Northern Territory last year, and that feeling of isolation, escape from the city and everyday life. Sound-wise, several of the songs were inspired after Ben purchased a new piece of gear, and the resulting track came from him just playing around with it!

2. How was the recording process different to older releases?
We did more on this ourselves than in any other release. In the past, we’ve worked with a producer however on this, other than recording vocals, mixing and mastering, we did it all ourselves. Three of the tracks were even recorded in a “drum cave” (basically a doona fort built with speaker stands, removalist blankets and weights) in Phoebe’s living room. It has far more of a DIY aesthetic than anything else we’ve done. Another thing with this release was we recorded and mixed every track one at a time, rather than in a big group. That said, they still very much came from the same mindset, with a similar vibe however they happened chronologically.

3. What do you hope people get out of the release?
Sounds clichéd, but if really is amazing if someone can listen to “White Shadows and Grey Noise” and feel like they’re not alone in feeling a bit shitty about themselves, job done. And if someone tells us they’ve danced their butts off to “Synthetic Heart”, that makes us smile too. We just want to help facilitate people feeling dem feels.

4. Are you happy how things have gone for the band?
Absolutely. I think this past year has been really great for us – we’re writing as a team better than ever and coming up with really interesting new sounds. We keep evolving, which is great… and with everything we write, we keep coming up with stuff that excites us. As long as that keeps happening, we’ll keep going!

5. What inspires you now when writing music?
Movies, late night drives alone, travel, being alone in nature, reading, hearing other people’s instrumental songs and coming up with a vocal over the top of them…. And eavesdropping. Listening in to other people’s conversations. That’s a big one. And Vietnamese food. Much love to Mopho Canteen in Balaclava for fuelling our writing sessions with Bahn Mi. You have no idea how influential you are on this band.

6. What do you love about performing live?
Performing live is so important to us as we really love the different sound we create with the instruments we have in a live setting – the organic meets electronic sound. It’s an energetic release. Recording can be so insular and focused on the minutiae but live is where you can just let loose.

7. What do you think has been the highlight so far?
There’s been so many over the past few years! Playing St Kilda Fest at sunset, roadtripping around the country over the past few years, playing to a packed, sweaty Newsagency in Sydney, being nominated for the International Songwriting Competition for Synthetic Heart, our show at White Night last year… They just keep coming.

8. What do you hope the rest of 2017 has in store for the band?
We’re in the middle of writing a whole heap of new stuff at the moment – so hopefully we can release some of it before the year is out! We’re pretty happy with how all the demos are progressing. It’s another development sonically, whilst keeping true to our self-dubbed “galactic soul breaks” genre….


Skies Collide

Skies Collide are a cool Aussie band and this is what Liam from the band had to say.

1. What was the inspiration behind the the song and how was it structured?
Originally the song was A LOT heavier; inspired by the groove that Architects have throughout their songs despite being very heavy. Our producer Dave Petrovic encouraged us to look at the song from a new perspective. We ended up with the dancey beat for the chorus which took the song to a whole different dynamic while still maintaining our core dark and heavy sound.

2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?
For sure! We weren’t really sure what to expect when releasing Come Alive; it was almost a gamble. I guess we were previously known to be a borderline post-hardcore band from our existing releases so Come Alive was a fairly big change. Everyone has been really supportive and it has totally given us heaps of new exposure!

3. How does a song normally come to you?
I (Liam) am always writing! Most of the time I will be at work when a beat/riff/melody comes to my head and I’ll record myself humming it on my phone. At home I will then program all the instruments in guitar pro and then record a demo with live guitars etc.

4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?
Honestly, not wanting to be stuck in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life. We all have legitimate careers but being creative people we want to make a living off of our creativity.

5. How does having fans mean to you guys?
It means everything! We write and play music that we love and we put a lot of ourselves into the whole process so to have people enjoy what we do is really rewarding and humbling.

6. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?
Last year recording at Electric Sun with Dave as well as supporting Mayday Parade at Eatons Hill in Brisbane.

7. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?
Absolutely. Everyone seems to go through creative blocks from time to time. It’s good to step away from it when you get to that point because it’s really difficult to produce quality work when you’re in that state of frustration.

8. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?
Our long term plan is to ditch our day jobs and make the band our jobs! We want to tour the world and write songs for a living, that’s the dream! We’re hoping 2017 will play the biggest part in that yet, with the release of our 2 new singles plus an album on the way.

9. What is next for the band?
We’ll be launching the album around mid this year and hopefully touring a bunch!


Plastic are great Melbourne band with a new ep this is what Louis the singer had to say.

1. What was the inspiration behind the new ep?

I’ve spent most of my life learning how play instruments, and it’d be a waste of my time and the money my parents spent on drum lessons if I didn’t at least make the occasional EP. That being said I didn’t play any drums on the record. Sorry mum and dad.

2. Are you happy how it turned out?

Actually yes, very happy how it turned out, which is apparently for me is a really hard thing to achieve. I still like all the music!

3. What was the recording process like for it?

Short, sweet and dirty, and climactic all around. You know how it is.

4. Was it different to earlier releases?

Yep, it’s better I reckon.

5. What was the inspiration behind Has Anyone Ever Told You You’re Alive?

Mostly being a piece of shit and procrastinating at nearly every opportunity to do anything.

6. What have you learnt so far from what you guys have done in the industry?

Nobody buys CD’s.

7. How important is social media and engaging with your fans?

Social media is unavoidable and engaging with your fans is important.

8. What is next for you guys?

A Plastic album!

9. If you guys could have any body in a video clip who would it be?

Robbie Williams in ‘Rock DJ’