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Fragile Animals

Fragile Animals are good Aussie band doing good things, this is what they had to say.
1. What was the inspiration behind the the song and how was it structured?
Lyrically ‘Signals’ was us thinking about how hard it can be to keep chasing what you want when it feels like everyone has other expectations.
2. Are you happy the way it turned out and what do you hope people will get out of it?
What’s the saying? “Art is never finished it just gets abandoned” which sounds negative but honestly the whole process was really smooth which was fantastic. We worked with Elliot at Heliport Studios. We’d heard some of the other projects that he’d been involved with and we really liked his approach and the sound that he gets. I think we knew we wanted to work with him even before the song was finished…haha! It’s out first release so we hope it will pique peoples interest and we hope they’ll like what they hear.

3. How does a song normally come to you?
Dan’s constantly writing. Every song takes slightly different path but it always starts with Dan…haha! Something will catch our ear and from there a song takes on a certain feel and keeps building until we’re all happy with it.

4. What inspires you now when writing music from when you were starting out?
That’s what’s incredible about music, there’s always something new to get into, always something new to provide inspiration.

5. How does having fans mean to you guys?
It would be nice to have some fans….haha! Seriously though, the response to ‘Signals’ so far has been great, everyone has been really positive online and out at shows so that’s always nice.

6. What to you stands out being the highlight to date?
Hmm…highlights…honestly we’re having such a great time at the moment. We had a bit of a head spin when ‘Signals’ was announced as a finalist in the APRA AMCOS Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition earlier in the year. There was this list of finalists like Holy Holy, Middle Kids, City Calm Down and a whole bunch of other people who we were honoured to be named alongside. Having our song played on the radio first the first time was another head spin. Our first interview has been pretty cool as well 😉

7. Do you have moments where you just can’t write and need to take a break?
Not really. It’s not so much about needing to take a break as it is being forced to because we all have regular jobs. If it were up to us we’d be writing and playing every day, and most of the time we still find a way to have that be the case. In reality our goal isn’t to be famous or rich but to be able to have music be our lives and not need to do anything else.

8. What is your long term goal for your music and what do you hope 2017 will play a part in that?
We just want to keep writing and keep playing live and get as good at both of those things as we possibly can and see where that takes us. We’re working really hard at the moment and having a great time so hopefully 2017 will be a good year for us. We can’t wait to have our debut EP available and to tour that.

9. What is next for the band?
We’ve got a few shows coming up which is where it’s at for us, we love playing live. Apart from that we’ve been back in the studio recording tracks for our debut EP. We can’t wait to have the finished product in our hands, and all going to plan we should have it out mid year.

Casey McQuillen

Casey McQuillen is a talented singer songwriter who has been doing good things for a while. She has appeared on America Idol and with an EP on the way wanted to know more.

So we chatted last weekend and you can listen to it here. There are a few times in the interview where it sorta cuts out but shouldn’t distract you from the interview.

Late July

Photo by Tara Noelle Photography

Ok so I came across Late July last year and I love what I heard, so I think she may have liked something I posted up on Instagram was hooked. This talented beautiful Canadian artist has an EP coming out this year. So I had to ask her some questions about it and more.

You can pledge towards it here.  She is a talent worth checking out and one of my fav discoveries of last year.


V L O G is an awesome new web series created by Jay Diaz and starring my amazing friend Rya Meyers and Noah Baron.

I have loved what I have seen so far so I knew I had to interview them for it. So listen as I interviewed them about the series and what else they have been up too.

Erin Marie Hogan

Photo copyright respected holders. All right a new interview and the first streaming listenable one of 2017 with the talented actor Erin Marie Hogan. She kindly gave up her time to chat and we had a good chat about all things acting. A big shout out to the gorgeous Destiny Love & the gorgeous Michelle Ellen Jones who have both recorded new voice over intros for Parx-e. So this interview we used Destiny but will mix and match in up coming stuff.

Emily Dawn

Emily Dawn music is really good. I totally dig what she is doing and when asked you wanna interview. It was no questions asked. So read on and find out more about this talented Aussie artist.

1. What inspired you to get into music?

1. I’ve always resonated with music, even before I started playing an instrument. It sounds cliché but I’ve had a connection with music from a young age. I remember my Mum singing Bohemian Rhapsody to my brother and I on our living room floor when we were in early primary school. We started learning an instrument at high school and I just wanted to keep playing. Eventually, my Mum bought me my own guitar and that is where my journey with music began.

2. At what age did you first start writing music?

2. I have been writing music from a young age but I started taking it seriously when I was 17. That is when I began writing music for different instruments and putting the pieces of a song together, not just writing the melody. It has been a process of fine-tuning my song writing skills and improving those areas that I am not so good at with the help of close friends that are musicians, producers, and engineers.

3. When did you know to start being serious about music?

3. In late 2014, I was working as a youth pastor/youth worker and due to a change of leadership, my job role changed and compelled me to leave. I didn’t know what to do. I had been playing music for years but I never thought of it as a career. I decided to give it a shot and see what happens and it’s been a wild adventure ever since!

4. For you how does a song start?

4. Song writing is never the same process for me. Sometimes, it will be birthed out of an emotion; if I’m frustrated or upset at a situation, I’ll go straight to my piano or my journal. Sometimes, it will be come from me fiddling around on the keys. Sometimes, it will come from a lyric that resonates continually over a few days. Often, it will be birthed out of a lyric or a tune that it is in my head. I’ll start with that lyric or that tune and often, the song pours out of me, as if it was just waiting to be written.

5. How does inspiration come about?

5. Daily, I try and be inspired, whether it has to do with music or not. Amanda Cook once said, “Chase inspiration every day. Do not let a day go by without acknowledging something beautiful.” If I want to write a song, I will go for a long drive through the hinterland or I’ll go to the beach or I’ll walk through a field. I’m inspired by the environment around me. I’m inspired by the virtues that people hold. I’m inspired by God. I’m inspired by the relationship that I have with certain people.

6. Do you have moments where you just can’t write?

6. Oh, absolutely! It is essentially the same thing as when an author will have ‘writer’s block’. You get stuck. You get frustrated. The creativity isn’t flowing. Often, that means I need to take a step back and have a break from writing that song. Sometimes it will be months until I come back to it but I’ll come back with fresh eyes. I’ll see something I may not have seen a few months ago.

7. How important is playing the right balance of shows and playing the right shows?

7. As any musician will experience, the right balance of shows is a fine line. I recently had a friend give up music because he had trouble finding that balance and essentially got burnt out in the industry. You’ve got to be aware of what you are hoping to get out of each show. There are certain shows you will play purely for the money because that will enable you to play the shows that you want that may not pay as well. It’s a balance between playing cover gigs and being known as an original artist.

8. What do you hope your up coming tour and the new single will do for you?

8. The motivation for doing the East Coast tour was for me to gain exposure as a solo artist and expand my fan base from local to national. This will come with time but a tour is the easiest way to get more of a national fan base. The new single was aimed to give people a taste of more of the direction that I’m heading in with my music; it is much more electronic and alternative than my previous releases.

9. What do you hope 2017 will have in store for you?

9. As a reasonably new artist to the industry, 2016 was laying the foundation for my career and gaining a better knowledge of the industry and becoming confident in the music that I wanted to produce. 2017 will be full of new opportunities; especially collaboration and new music. I’m hoping that 2017 will give people more of an idea of where I am heading and what music I am going to continue to produce.


All right one of my favourite discoveries of 2016 was Groves and when I heard their first song Ender which the bands say when they heard intro words to the song they knew they were on to something. They are the only band I was that totally into that made me download itunes so I could be able to get the tune. They have been friends forever as they grew up in a small Texas town and moved out to LA and had been playing in various bands but got together to form Groves. Which is one that has taken them places. The band name came from the town they grew up in Texas which is called Groves.

The in house sound engineer for MDDN (Benji & Joel Madden management company) Courtney Ballard heard them play he wanted them to come down to record with them. After two weeks of asking them they finally did. When Benji & Joel heard them, he signed them up straight away.

When it comes to them and how a song starts it could be any thing, it could be a guitar part and someone does something that the band digs and it leads into something. The songs are real collaborative effort for the band. When it comes to the lyrics it could be one word that makes sense and that could be the inspiration for the song.

So the band has supported Culture Club and thanks to good luck, perfect timing and their Management company a day later they were on the road to support Culture Club which they totally loved. Their favourite gigs have been playing to 30,000 people when the times for the show were wrong when supporting Culture Club. In addition a little show that was sold out that had more than 300 people and the vibe in the room was insane.

They think social media is important and they think streaming services are important but they get why older bands disagree on streaming services. One of my stock standard questions I always ask is who would they have in a video clip and like always its Jack Black.

Groves are seriously a band worth checking out. I am so very much looking forward to checking out their debut EP Not For Nothing which comes out on the 17/02/2017. They could be one of your new favourite bands. They are certainly one of mine.





Graphic Design by Ian Hyde//Photography by Terral Altom

Ok so this talented electro pop artist found me on Instagram, I had a listen, dug what I heard. This is what she had to say.

1. What inspired to get into music?

A: I was inspired by a love for words and poetry at a very young age and loved writing songs. In fourth grade, after my first stage performance (I sang an Avril Lavigne cover) a teacher at my school pulled me aside to told me not to ever stop because he believed I had something really special and from then on I stuck with music. Things went from just loving singing for the release to feeling like maybe my voice had something to offer for others as well.

2. What has inspired your sound?

A: Definitely the era of sad music. There’s a lot of 80s pop influence as well. We wanted to create something that matched my personality when writing them at age 17/18. I grew up with N.W.A artists blasting right after Jewel so it’s hard to pin point who influenced the most because I feel like a collection of a fairly wide range of differing artists.

3. Are you happy how it all gone so far?

A: I’m very happy, beyond grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. Everything feels like perfect timing. Sometimes I’m sad that I wasn’t more open about my music any sooner but I realize that having a certain level of stability emotionally really helps the longevity of my career so I try to remind myself of that.

4. Do you have moments where you just can’t write?

A: Yes. There’s just times I’m not ready to.

5. Do you have any releases in the pipeline?

A: I do! Hoping to get another single out early next year

6. How does social media help you?

A: It helps in so many ways. It’s been an outlet on its own as well as a primary source of connection for me to other artists and inspirations. Also a connection to some of the most pivotal people in my life.

7. What do you hope 2017 has in store for you?

A: I believe there will be much more growth, and I hope to give myself abundance of grace throughout that growth. Things have been escalating at a higher pace lately (or so it feels) and I have a feeling that will continue. I hope 2017 has a lion heart in store for me. I’m so tired of feeling silenced by my own contradicting thoughts. I also hope for more music, minimal creative block.. and continued happiness so that I will be able to share my best self with those who I cross paths with.

Parx-e hits Sydney and chats to Canadian musician Youngblood. I chat to Alexis and boy she was a lot of fun to chat to. Plus seeing them live wow even better. Alexa Borden and Tasha from Smoking Martha have a few words to say about Parx-e turning 15 years old.

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Everything music and video wise that isn’t shot by me is either been given permission or I have licensed to use it here.

Beth Brown


Beth Brown is an incredible singer songwriter.Dug what I heard and this is what she had to say.

1. What was the inspiration behind the song easy?

“Easy” is actually my only happy love song funnily enough. I am usually quiet the brooder but this song really surprised me! I was inspired by the first stage’s of getting to know someone, the innocence and delight of the honey moon phase of love. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so this is a very true reflection of me…love the cheese factor!

2. Was it hard to write the song or was it an easy process?

Every song has its own little personality and way of bringing it into life. “Easy” came from experimenting on the guitar in an open tuning and then this light little melody came into my head as I was driving through the Tennessee mountains to meet with Butterfly for a writing session. She is an incredible bass player, touring with Sarah McLachlan for over 10 years, she has an incredible pop sensibility and worked out the harmonic bed. Then it was a matter of writing lyrics together. That is another one of her many giftings, to capture a poetic concept tastefully and with depth of meaning. I learnt so much from working with her. I was nervous heading to the writes but as soon as i arrived I found she was not only exceptionally talented but one of the most humble humans on the planet.

3. Was the recording process different to earlier material?

Absolutely my first experience working with Brad Jones (Missy Higgins/Bob Evans/Busby Marou) at Alex the Great Studios Nashville was fantastic and very much on the fly. He had organised some of the best session musicians in the world, Chris Carmichael played strings and is the principal arranger for Alison Krauss, Taylor Swift and Faith Hill.

With the new EP Dream Coat we spent more time in the Pre-Production phase. We entered the studio with track bed’s produced by the amazing Mike McDonald and worked in instrumental tracks from the ground up. I was extremely lucky to have Chris Carmichael travel from Kentucky to do the sessions again. I feel like his string sections work so beautifully in “Easy” alongside some pretty beautifully played ukulele by yours truly.

4. Are you happy how it all gone so far?

My time in the US has been incredible. After being awarded the a Nashville Songwriting Residency by the Australian Arts Council in June this year I was able to really hon my skills as a songwriter on Music Row. Invited to write with Jerry Sally (Chris Stapleton), Shannon Sanders (John Legend) and Robert White Johnson (Celine Dion) I feel like a have a solid footing in the writing and publishing circles of Music Row and i’m excited to continue to take Australian Arts into these influential forums.

5. How did it feel to become part of the Gretch Guitar family?

It’s such an honour to be welcomed into the Gretsch family personally by owner Fred Gretsch and I’m so humbled to be their current International Feature Artist.

6. How do you think that will help you with career?

They have been incredible supporters, from providing a beautiful Vintage Select Edition ’55 White Falcon to promoting my artistry and providing tour support in the US for 2017.

7. Do you have moments where you just can’t write?

Haha absolutely, that’s when you know its time to gig and play out.

8. Do you have any releases in the pipeline?

“Easy” is our first single release of a body of work Debut EP Dream Coat which is being released in March 2017.

9. What do you hope people get out of your shows?

I hope its a really joyful time for the audience. To connect, share the Nashville stories and get an intimate insight into my songwriting catalogue as well as tracks from the EP Dream Coat. I really wanted to tour in my home territories first before heading over to the US in 2017 and hand it back to the people and audiences who have been there from the very beginning.

10. What do you hope 2017 has in store for you?

I wish I could say right now! We have just received some pretty big news this week in regards to playing at Festivals in the US, so please stay tuned and follow me on the socials. People can find me at and subscribe to hear all the announcements and have access to new music first.