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Tom From Cassette Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did the band form?

I played in a couple of bands with craig, and when HLAH broke up he was the drummer of choice.
We hooked up in Auckland, and whilst getting the material together dave fraser stayed at our flat for a while and one thing led to another..
Paul trigg is also someone i talked to about forming a band right from the start, but its only recently that hes been available to play with us.

2. what made you decide to move over to aussie?

Just decided that we wanted to “take on the world” , Aussies the first stop.
After playing music in NZ for about ten years , we were ready for a change of scene , ready for some different opportunities.

3. who are your major influnces?

Oh, all sorts. Neil Youngs pretty obvious, did that a long time ago Marvin gaye , like the new Beck album Voom and Dimmer have both been a great source of inspiration – have you checked out the D- super album.. Frank Black Nigel regan from HLAH also lots of influence.

4. what are you currently listening to ?

Wilco, Beck, and lots of dub reggae.

5. what band made you decide go out and play music?

Dire straits when i was about 11.

6. how did you get your ep released with Infidelity?
Played lots of gigs, worked hard on our music, other peoples efforts also play a part-management, the label..

thanks for your time any last words

thanks for your time any last words? Yeah, the ep is out on the 3rd of march, and we play the Tote next two tuesdays ($1.10 pots) oh and Revolver in Parahn on the 15th. Thanks for the blab.

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