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Cash Savage and The Last Drinks – The Hypnotiser (Self Released/MGM Distribution)

The Hypnotiser Cover Art
I get now why Cash Savage and The Last Drinks are getting a name around Australia, she is a fantastic songwriter, her voice, the way the instruments are used, the lyrics to me tell stories and this is her latest release The Hypnotiser and it’s nothing short of amazing. Her music has been described as country blues but has dark and hypnotic tone and feel and you can tell it with this release. It opens up with Let Go which is a powerful track to start off the album, its use of electric guitar and the use of horns are an excellent choice. Cash vocals and lyrics are amazing. Something Better is a haunting track, the use of the banjo and the way the vocals are done just shine, Lyrics are well written. Hypnotiser is one of picks off the album, its bit more energetic, the use of the violin and the backing vocals just add so much to the song. I love the way the guitar is played here. This was written by Nick Finch who plays acoustic guitar on the song. Howling For Me is kind of a haunting country tune it’s just guitars and vocals. Tim Nelson also plays guitar on the track and sings as well. Its show off how good Cash is as a songwriter and how good her lyrics are and how well her vocals are. Five Boys, One Farm is another haunting track, the use of the banjo, violin, the way her vocals are sung, the way the song is structured. The use of drums here is a good choice, it’s another pick for me. The song is written with Nick Finch. Bareknuckle Boogie is another pick for me, it’s more energetic, but still retains her lyrical prowess, her way of singing and really does show off the musicianship of the band. They know how to bring these songs to life and give them another dimension. This was written with Joe White & Rene Mancuso. I’m In Love is another pick, just a song that delivers with solid song writing, musicianship, vocals and lyrics. Written with Nick Finch. 95km to Sandy Point, Early Morning Come Down Blues show off the song writing, vocals and lyrics by Cash. They are both written by her. Early Morning Come Down Blues is a blues inspired track and I love the use of the piano on the song. Mother’s Lament is an amazing way to finish off the album with another solid track written by Cash, I love use of the guitar and the use of the vocals. I really liked this album as it was something I wouldn’t normally listen to. I love her way of writing songs, the way she sings and performs, the way she tells stories with her lyrics. The album is well produced the musicianship is first class. I can see this album doing really well for herself. You will not be disappointed.

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