• August 22, 2019

Brisbane’s Like Thieves launch Pozible Campaign, announce Release Date for their project “Brave the Day”

Brisbane’s Like Thieves launch Pozible Campaign, announce Release Date for their project “Brave the Day”


2013 was a pivotal year in Brisbane progressive band Like Thieves’ career. They released their debut EP “The Wolves at Winters Edge” and completed a couple of great east coast runs. 2014 is the year they add more fuel to the fire with all new material in the form of their upcoming second EP.

To make the best record they can, Like Thieves are asking for some help from their fans in the form of a Pozible campaign.

From the proceeds and touring of “The Wolves At Winter’s Edge” EP, they’ve managed to save $7500 to go towards the production of the new release.. However, that amount is around half of what the band feels they need to deliver a superb recording….the more that’s pledged, the more than can potentially be delivered.

Like Thieves aren’t just putting their hand out though, not only have Like Thieves saved for the recording themselves, they are putting their independence at the forefront along with their hearts. This campaign will see the four piece give back to the community in the way of their project BRAVE THE DAY.

Friday 9th of May will see the release of “Brave the Day” the first cut from the upcoming EP. “Brave the Day” is an awareness-raising concept centered around bullying and abuse. The message is strong and hopes to encourage those suffering from bullying and/or abuse to “SPEAK UP, SPEAK LOUD, BRAVE THE DAY.” The band are all very passionate about this concept and treat the subject matter with the respect it deserves.

Every person who pledges to the campaign gets an early download of Brave the Day as a bonus gift along with an extra special message from vocalist Clint Boge about how to raise awareness and how the pledger can make a change in their immediate surroundings.

Some of the rewards for pledging to the campaign include:
A music lesson with a member of Like Thieves of your choice
Spend a full 24 hours with Like Thieves – you can do whatever you like  with us, take us shopping, take us to a theme park, we’ll even hang with your Grandma!
Video Game marathon with the band
An acoustic performance at your house catered for by Like Thieves

Like Thieves hit the studio in mid-March and would love YOU to be a part of the journey.


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