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Big City Dreams

Big City Dreams
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Interview With Scott From Big City Dreams By Chris

Big City Dreams is one band who music is great.
Their songs are written well and a joy to listen to.
So here the interview with Big City Dreams.

Big City Dreams

1.How did you get into music?

music has been a huge part of our lives since we were
little kids so the natural progression was to pick up
instruments and make our own music.

2.What were your major influnces growing up?

everything from green day to james taylor

3.How did the band form?

mark and scott played in a band before big city dreams that
broke up

4. What has been your favourite show to date?

we love playing every show but if i had to pick a
favorite….. maybe our first show since it was the first
time for a lot of people to hear what we had been working

5. What has the response been to your new song

the new songs haven’t been released yet but the response to
them live has been very positive

6. Who do you enjoy playing with?

any band who shares a love of music and has fun

7. How has zines helped in getting your music out

they’ve helped get our name out there to people who may not
have heard of us

8. What are your views on the mp3 format and

i think it’s a great way to discover bands. hopefully
people will continue to support the bands they love even if
they download some songs.

9. Do you think the internet is good for getting your
music out there?

the internet has been very important in getting our music
out to new people

10. Who would most like to record a song with if you

james taylor

11. If the band could be on The Simpsons where would
they be playing?

in moe’s?

12. When touring what is the album that must be played
on the tour bus?

currently it’s the Cartel EP

Thanks for your time, any last words?

please don’t be afraid of the word “acoustic”. listen to
the songs… i think you’ll be surprised.

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