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Bayside have new album out called Cults released today in Australia. It’s a good album so I chat with vocalist Anthony Raneri, so read on.


Bayside have a new album out called Cults, which is released today in Australia. I chattered Anthony Raneri the vocalist from the band about the album. He says he is happy how the album turned out, but says it was a really long songwriting process for him, questioning everything, decisions and so on to make the album good as possible and make sure everything is nailed in.

In terms of songwriting the process has still stayed the same, starting off on an acoustic guitar as he says, a good song needs to sound good stripped down. Mentally he thinks of songwriting a little differently, to not only listen as the writer and as also as the listener.

The recording process was similar to earlier releases but the songwriting as said earlier, he really tore apart every idea to make sure it was the very best idea and he doesn’t normally do this. The stuff he did in the past was usually more organic. For him this one was really scrutinizing everything.

They got signed to hopeless records after talking to a lot of record labels from indies to major labels and felt hopeless was the best as they seemed to be on the same page as they wanna work with bands on the same team. To them everything was a real team effort, they were like-minded people with the same goal as us.

They get a buzz from playing the big festival such a warped tour and our own Soundwave festival and yes they wanna come back to Australia and play to their fans again soon.

Cults has been released today and it is a cracker of an album, I suggest you all go out and check it out. It’s worth your time.

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