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Friday, February 14, 2014 – Rude Records is pleased to announce the new album from New York City-
based rock band I Am The Avalanche. Their third full-length album titled, ‘Wolverines’ was produced
and  engineered  by  the  band’s  drummer Brett  “The  Ratt”  Romnes at The  Barber  Shop  Studios in  Lake
Hopatcong, NJ and mixed by Will Yip. Encompassing ten songs full of heart, ferocity, relentless passion
and,  of  course,  struggle, ‘Wolverines’ follows  the  band’s  sophomore  album,  the  acclaimed Avalanche
United (2011), and will be released on Friday, March 21, 2014 in Australia and New Zealand through
Rude Records/Rocket. Australian Pre-orders for Vinyl, CD and Digital album are available now at JB
Hifi and iTunes.

I  Am  The  Avalanche  aren’t  holding  back,  having  already  released  two  new  songs  from  Wolverines
including  the  first  single  “The  Shape  I’m  In”,  lyrics  penned  by  singer Vinnie  Caruana  were  inspired  by  a
serious physical injury he sustained last year while on tour, and the physical and emotional pain he had to
grapple with and overcome. The latest offering, “Two Runaways” recently premiered at Vices’
and was deemed ‘catchy and anthemic’, is currently streaming on YouTube. Fans will receive both “The
Shape I’m In” and “Two Runaways” as instant grat downloads when they pre-order the album on iTunes!


To the members of I Am The Avalanche – Vinnie Caruana (vocals), Brandon Swanson (guitar), Brett “The
Ratt”  Romnes (drums)  and John  Oliva (bass)  – ‘Wolverines’ is  their  most  anthemic  and  cohesive  full-
length album to date and stands as a fitting body of work to the band’s natural progression. Their self-
titled debut record, released in 2005, was the sound of a band finding themselves in the context of their
scene that, through their associations, couldn’t help but define them, even if they didn’t want them to. The
band’s  second  album, Avalanche  United,  was  written  across  a  long,  drawn-out  six-year  period,  and  the
uncertainty  of  their  situation  during  that  time  pierces  that  particular  record’s  constructs.

There were no such problems with ‘Wolverines’, however – it’s a powerful record through and through, a
complete  set  of  songs  that  each  play  a  specific  and  vital  part  on  the  album.  “I  think  it’s  our  most  well
thought-out  and  least  rushed  record,”  says  Caruana.  “Times  spent  at  rock  bottom  and  also  feelings  of
personal triumph have shaped what I feel is the perfect record for us as a band and for our supporters as

WOLVERINES track listing:

01. Two Runaways
02. 177
03. The Shape I’m In
04. Young Kerouacs
05. Wolverines
06. Anna Lee
07. Save Your Name
08. Where Were You?
09. My Lion Heart
10. One Last Time

WOLVERINES will be out digitally on Tuesday 18 March and available in Australian and New Zealand
stores on Friday 21 March via Rude Records/Rocket.

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