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Anne W. Griffin

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Interview with Anne W. Griffin By Chris 29/9/08

Anne W. Griffin is one of the most talented female actor/actress working in Hollywood today.
I discovered her in Letting Life In which was her first film, since then she done some great independent movies like Nowhere Fast which you should all check out when it comes out.

She inpressed me with her intelligence,her honesty, her dedication and her love to the craft of acting and not letting the temptations of LA get to her throughout the interview.

She some one who is very genuine,talented,kind and very humble. She the kinda actor I want to see do well and I know she very will.
She has also written a script that she gonna be filming in Europe next year using the new RED Cameras(Digital Camera) which is really impressive and really ads to her talents.

She also very beautiful, She the kinda of Actor we need to see more of in the film industry. I really admire her as actor and the way she handles herself.

I will so be giving this actor more publicity on here, so expect to hear more of her on Parx-e.

I have it available to download and listen as a podcast.

Anne IMDB Page

Anne W. Griffin

Please note, the quality isn’t the best but you can most certainly hear the interview and please enjoy

Please contact me if you decide to use the interview somewhere as I took the time do the interview and would appreciate being credited.

Interview is in MP3 Format

Anne W. Griffin Interview 40MB

Anne W. Griffin

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