• June 5, 2020

Amanda Rogers Wild Album Review

Amanda Rogers – Wild (DIT Records)


I adore Amanda Rogers, she probably my favourite singer songwriter of all time period, no joke so when it came to getting her new album. Nothing short of amazing. This time it’s two cd’s full of music written by her. For starters the production is good, the songs are given live and musicianship is first rate. Amanda vocals do really shine here. The opening track Welcome to the Show has an old school vibe to it with the piano playing. Amanda piano playing is on fire like it is on every track off the album. Songs like 10cent Songbird has an alternative edge to the music with the guitar being used and the way the piano was used in the intro of the song. Walking would be one of my picks off the album. The way the song is structured, the way the song is sung and performed and the musicianship. The second disc opens up Calendar Of Yesterdays and is nice way to open up the second disc is a slower song but Amanda song writing, lyrics and vocals and musicianship shine here. Songs like Of Bag Of Bones has an alternative edge reminds me a bit of Fiona Apple. The State I’m In is another winner and another pick off the album with the way the song is sung, performed and written. It’s beautiful written haunting song that revolves around the piano. The album has a secret track at the end of the second disc and it’s done well. This is a fantastic album one of my favourite of the year so far. Amanda has always been a first rate singer songwriter. To me she is amazing and has always been. I love her music and you need to discover this amazing talent. This album has so much offer and you need to hear it. First rate.


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