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Alessia Cohle – Talk To Me (Self Released)

All right finally a review, another review, Well this one I got sent last year in November and finally getting around to it. Alessia Cohle is a Canadian country singer songwriter and this is her newest release Talk To Me which is a fine album and fine entry for country music. How Bad is a solid opening track very rocking shows off the musicianship, vocals and the lyrics. Two Steps Ahead has the same kind of vibe as the opening track, has the energy and vibe that has a lot going for it. On Your Mind is one of the ballad tracks off the album, let’s her vocals and song writing shine here. Talk To Me is one of my picks off the album, it’s just a good honest modern country tune that has everything going for it, the way the song is structured to the way it is sung, the way it is written. It is the perfect representation on what Alessia Cohle is all about. If she hasn’t made it a single yet, she totally should, it screams radio play. More is another pick for me, I love her vocals on the song, she shines here. It is a ballad and it is another song that screams radio play. I can see people really digging it. Separate Ways is another well written tune, structured nicely, lyrics are good and her vocals shine. Fireball Kiss is more of a up beat country rock tune, loves the use of the guitar in the intro, the musicianship is first rate. Everything is another pick off the album for me, from the moment the track opens, you know it’s an excellent track. It’s just a good song and I am sure radio would fall over it in a heartbeat. Where We Left Off is another good tune, solid musicianship, great vocals. What not to like. Weight of You is another ballad track and another song that screams radio play, it’s well written and her vocals just melt in your ears here and that’s great. High Road is a rocking country tune that has great vocals, musicianship and delivers. This is a solid album, Alessia Cohle is the complete package, she is beautiful, she can sing, know how to write a great tune and has an album that shows off how talented she really is and ensures her a long-lasting career. Hope’s I get to see her play one day and hear all these amazing tunes live. If you love country and modern country check this out, this Canadian has the goods.

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