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Monthly Archives: April 2017

This is a cool song by Stateside and totally digging what is happening here. Can’t wait to hear more.

Ok I am fan of KLP and wow she looked stunning at the APRA AMCOS Awards so had to share these pics


Ok so I had to share these pictures of Alexis Young from probably my favorite band of 2016 Youngblood who I got to interview twice last year one for the site and for my video stuff when she came down to Sydney I flew up just to interview her and see her play live and they were awesome. She looks stunning here at The Juno Awards. I know they are gonna be one of the biggest bands on the planet real soon. They have the talent to go very far.

Brittany Leo new song Need It is out now and it’s a good pop tune and available at all good online digital retailers.

Through Fire – Breathe (Sumerian Records)

Well Through Fire has released their latest album Breathe and for fans of modern hard rock then this is right up your alley. It’s a well produced loud rocking album that has good production, vocals and musicianship that just deliver. It is a constant flowing album that has the energy and dynamics to show off what these guys are about. Breakout is one my picks off the album, the way the vocals are shown off and the use of the guitar solo just rocks. Stronger I can see why they picked as the radio single really highlights what the band is about. Breathe shows off the band can do the melodic anthems you know the type. Love the piano intro to Dead Inside which leads into a big solid hard rock track. Jar Of Hearts is another track I reckon radio and fans could go nuts for. It’s just a good solid tune that screams success. You get two acoustic tracks of Stronger and Breathe, And extended versions of Stronger and Breathe which are also very cool. I don’t like to compare bands to other bands but if you love big melodic anthems hard rock your totally gonna love this. It’s loud, it’s edgy, it’s rocking and just kicks butt. It’s just good music and deserves to be cranked loud. I enjoyed this and I can see this doing well for them. It could be very much your new favourite album. Give it a go.

Elise Jackson



First two photos by Adam Hendershott, last photo by Paul Smith

I’ve interviewed Elise Jackson, a number of times. I think she is an amazing actor and all round inspiration person. So I wanted to make her a beauty of the week again on my site just because I can. I love to keep supporting the people who I truly believe in and you know well appreciate the support and Elise is one of those people. She is kind,caring, incredible actor as she is a talented screenwriter. She is incredibly beautiful just look at her and she really is just an all round amazing person. She is really hard working with a theater company, family and the acting. It really in my mind won’t be long until everybody will want the gorgeous Elise Jackson in their productions. So this is why I am making her my beauty of the week again for this site.

Behind the scenes from the series Brian for Hire