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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Olivia King

Olivia King is a talented singer songwriter, great voice and great tunes.  I chatted with her last week and you can listen to what she had to say here.



Ok so Delta Goodrem looks amazing at The Logie Awards hence I am sharing these pics.

20 Ladies

This is a list of 20 Ladies who I think are the most beautiful inspiring ladies I have interviewed on this site read on and find out why they are.

Photo Credits

Michelle Page photo by by Patric Massou/Patrick Massou

Ella Cannon photo by yours truly/ Clear Springs Entertainment

Hilary Kennedy photo by S Jackson

Melissa Johnston photo by Chris Haggerty

Amy Schafnitz photo by A & J Photography

Michelle Ellen Jones photo by Daniel Horande

Olivia May photo by Brandin Photography

Alexandra Van Zeeland photo by Stephen Dillon Photography

Elise Jackson photo by Adam Hendershott

Hen photo by Varga Imagery used with permission here.

Kaitlin Thomas photo by Ana Ochoa Photography

Alicia Sky photo by Dovvie

Steph Hannah photo by by Louisa de Kievit

Edita Brychta photo by Lauren Cassidy

Tori Tate photo by Jeffrey Haas

All other photos copyright respected holders.


Michelle Page

So Michelle is one of the few people on the site, I have become friends with and one of the longest people I have known and she is such a hard-working professional person. She is extremely beautiful inside and out. She has an amazing figure. She is such a kind caring person who I am truly honoured to know. She has been so good to me over the years. Grateful for the time we get to hang out. An incredible talent in acting and all else she does in life including studying Psychology. She is a real inspiration. She cares and can’t wait to hang out with her again real soon.

Destiny Love

I’ve known Destiny for a few years now and she is a real inspiration, a really beautiful woman inside and out. She is a hard-working talent, a fantastic singer songwriter. She is just a positive inspiration. She hosts cacao ceremonies, she teaches Yoga and lot’s of other incredible stuff which makes her a real inspiration. She writes such inspiring stuff, she oozes positivity and in a world the way it is now, she is an example of what people should be right now.

Ella Cannon

Ella is an incredible actor. A real talent and is drop dead gorgeous. Ella is kicking goals in America and I am really happy for her.

Hilary Kennedy

Hilary is a real talent and someone I’ve know for a few years now and we have become friends. She is a fantastic TV Host. She can also act. She is also incredibly beautiful.

Melissa Johnston

Melissa is a fantastic actor, has her own Pet sitting service. Incredibly beautiful, hard working and dedicated to all that she does, She has been a pleasure to interview her the times I have and been able to meet her.

Amy Schafnitz

Amy is a talented actor whom I’ve known for a number of years. She is real talent, naturally beautiful and a person who is going places.

Rya Meyers

Rya is a talented American actor whom I have the pleasure of interviewing and when I made a video for my site 15 year celebration, she was the one everybody was talking about.

Michelle Ellen Jones

When I first came across Michelle, who is this person? I had to know more about this incredibly beautiful person. She is a fantastic actor, pageant coach, yoga teacher and more. Hard working and loyal and has a bright future ahead of her.

Olivia May

Olivia May is a gorgeous, talented actor and singer songwriter. Incredibly hard working and it’s paying off.

Alexandra Van Zeelandt

Incredibly beautiful model and actor. She is very hard working and when you work as hard as she does its going to pay off and I know it will for her.

Heather Longstaffe

Incredible singer songwriter with a great voice. Total sweetheart and a real natural beauty.

Elise Jackson

What a lovely person she is. A total sweetheart, she has always been nice to me and as an actor she is amazing. She is incredibly beautiful, total switched on and so hard working. She is also a mother of two and she continues to impress me.


A fantastic hard working Australian singer songwriter who career I have been following and supporting for a while. This gorgeous talented artist is somebody who is the complete package. She is a star to me, her career keeps going from strength to strength.

Kaitlin Thomas

This talented actor model I came across online and really liked what I saw in what she was doing. She kindly agreed to do an interview and we stayed in touch. She is very beautiful. She is also now a mum and kicking goals.

Alicia Sky

Alicia Sky is a fantastic singer songwriter from America, doing pop music. She is very focused in her music and what she wants from it. She is also very beautiful with an amazing figure. If you watch the Mr Fancypants Video and her wearing that gold outfit. You can see that she takes of herself and that flawless figure she has.

Steph Hannah

I adore Steph and all that she does. She is a fantastic singer songwriter, when I first came across her I was like wow, who is this talent. This gorgeous singer songwriter has a voice and the tunes to back it up. I will always be behind in all that she does. She has kindly featured in two CD’s of mine and of course in my video about my site.


I have been supporting Earl career since 2005 and have all her albums. This gorgeous singer songwriter has an amazing voice. Catalogue of incredible tunes. With a new album coming out in June, she is going from strength to strength.

Edita Brychta

When I first saw the show Tropical Heat aka Sweating Bullets probably Five years ago, I was watching one episode and Edita popped up and I was wow. Who is this actor? The show is very old but I wanted to know about her. So I did and made contact and got to interview her a bunch of times. We still keep in touch and I will always to continue to support this beautiful actor.

Tori Tate

Tori I came across in 2011 and loved what she was doing. She was studying broadcasting journalism and continues to support this gorgeously talented switched on lady. She has always been a pleasure to interview on the site.

Amanda Rogers

Amanda whom I came across in 2003. I was blown away by her music as a songwriter. She delivers with such honesty and passion. She knows how to sing and write a fine beautiful moving tune. She is my all time favourite singer songwriter.

Tomi Gray

Tomi Gray, singer-songwriter and guitarist from Sydney rockers The Ruckus has just completed an ambitious feat by writing and recording 100 demos in 100 days from his home studio. Read on to to find out if Tomi is drained and exhausted or willing to go 100 more!
1. What made you take on such a creative commitment to do 100 demos in 100 days and when did the idea come to you?
I’ve been playing music and claiming it as my defining characteristic for the bigger part of my life. Part of the trip I’m on involved me looking at things like who I define myself as and why? A lot of this process was me having to admit that while I called myself a ‘Musician’ I wasn’t doing enough to actually earn that right in my own eyes any more, and perhaps giving priority to the things that are less in line with why I originally fell in love with music and creating. The biggest part of this project for me was regaining a level of trust in my ability to stick to an intention I set for myself and put some dynamite behind a new trajectory I’ve chosen to fire down.

2. Were some days more of a struggle than others or were the creative juices flowing all the time?
Of course. That’s how life operates in any situation. Somedays were a real pleasure while others it took everything I could muster. I had to sacrifice a lot during the experience as I was determined to put everything second to this goal. 100 days is an interesting amount of time because it feels completely different depending on what side you are considering it from.

3. The 100 demos are rather diverse in genre; have you learned anything about yourself as a writer by exploring these avenues?
I went into this “Knowing” that I was a perfectionist. I would often sit on songs for months, trying to get them to be just right and inevitably would end up finishing very few. Now I’ve had practise in having to learn to let go of the strangle hold a bit which in turn led to me exploring areas outside my comfort zone. The more I let go of what I “knew” about myself, my abilities and the way the process was supposed to go, it was amazing to see things open up everywhere.
4. There’s been a great response all-round to the project and many of the Facebook clips went viral in Mexico in particular. What was your reaction to that?
I was really excited but kind of not surprised, if that makes sense? It’s not as though I expected anything close to the response I’ve gotten from a few of those demos but more, because I went into this entirely without expectation – always returning to and focussing on my original intention which was strictly a personal exercise – when something like that happened it wasn’t even on my radar. I just got to look at it objectively and think, “OK, wow thats pretty interesting!” but didn’t allow myself time to dwell on how to capitalise or recreate it as I had to start work on a new song the next day and that was the most important thing to me. How many distractions come along in everyday life to knock us off our course? The good and the bad are much the same.
5. What’s next for Tomi Gray? Do you have 100 more demos up your sleeve to pump out or will you flesh out some of what you’ve already put forward?

I’m going to move out of Sydney at the end of the month. I’ve lived and learned here for a good few years succeeding and failing and I feel now ready to take off the ‘L’ plates and head out to see what is happening beyond this place. I’ve sold the majority of my things and bought a van which I will live in and convert into a camper as I go along. I’m going to ride into a new town every few days, play music and meet people. I’ve started vague discussions with a few record labels in regards to releasing an album of my favourites from these 100 demos, revisited. Im going to see if I can meet someone also who can teach me to surf. I still write everyday, only I remember now why I wanted to do it.
Tomi Gray’s ‘100 Demos 100 Days’ is out now via all good digital platforms


Melbourne based Rockers Grasshole have just released their new
single/film clip ‘Van Inhalin’ and will soon be embarking on their
Australian single tour.

‘Van Inhalin’ was premiered recently via Dopamine Magazine. The
single is the first offering from their forthcoming debut album
‘Fuzz Of Flavour’, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Angus
Davidson (Crowded House,INXS, Tori Amos, KISS, Rodriguez and Brian
Setzer to name a humble few.) They also teamed up with Pedro
Ferreira (The Darkness, Joe Strummer of The Clash and Ray Manzarek
of The Doors) for mixing and bass production.

Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their
endearing and progressive sonic.

The band debuted in 2013 with a self-titled EP. They have since
developed a reputation for a high-octane live show that has gained
a very strong following.

Grasshole followed up their debut release in 2015 with sophomore EP
‘The Unification Proclamation’. The EP was added to rotation on
over 90 US Radio Stations, whilst securing positive reviews from
press in Australia.

2016 saw Grasshole embark on their first international tour,
playing shows across Spain and Sweden, including several festivals.

Grasshole are about to kick off their Australian single tour to
toast the release of ‘Van Inhalin’.
‘Van Inhalin’ is available for download on BandCamp. GRASSHOLE VAN
Wednesday April 19th – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, NSW Free Entry |
18+ only
Friday April 21st – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD Tickets
available at door | 18+ only
Saturday April 22nd – Coronation Hotel, Ipswich, QLD Tickets
available at door | 18+ only
Tuesday April 25th – The Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne, VIC Tickets
available at door | 18+ only
Friday April 28th – The Crown & Anchor, Adelaide, SA Tickets
available at door | 18+ only Saturday April 29th – The Exeter,
Adelaide, SA Tickets available at door | 18+ only
Wednesday May 10th – The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne, VIC Tickets
available at door | 18+ only Friday May 12th – Sooki Lounge,
Belgrave, VIC Tickets available at door | 18+ only


Photos by Varga Imagery used with permission here.

Ok So I have known Hen a little while now and think she is an incredibly talented singer songwriter. She has a great voice and her songs truly do shine. Plus she is incredibly beautiful. These pictures capture how stunning she really is and how amazing a figure she has. She gonna be touring with Rachael Leahcar in November. I shall be at the Melbourne gig to see my friend Hen play.

Hen has the talent to go very far and what she has been doing so far will ensure she has a fantastic career in music.

Crista Flanagan

Ok so I think Crista Flanagan is gorgeous and an extremely talented actor as well as being funny. So I had to share some pics of her on my website.


Northern NSW based Hip-Hop trio Gratis Minds have just released their killer new single ‘Yavin 4’.

Gratis Minds deliver a package of eclectic new era Hip-Hop, crafty production and eloquent rhythmic poetry.

Front-men Jon Doe and Tay Dare are extremely capable wordsmiths, and combined Jays Orient’s laidback yet potent melodies and beats, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Gratis Minds debuted with single ‘Now You Know’, which received a stellar reception from fans and press alike. The single achieved radio airplay across the country, whilst scoring solid reviews from Triple J and Blank Magazine.

The lads are renowned for their high-energy live show that has built them an extremely loyal following. They have played countless shows locally and abroad, sharing the stage with the likes of Jackie Onasiss, Luke Million, Midas Gold andHigh Focus.

‘Yavin 4’ is available for download on Soundcloud.

‘…a blend of clever lyricism, coastal tunes and a heck of a lot of personality’

Blank Magazine




Sydney’s indie-dub revelers Bootleg Rascal have just unveiled news of a free pop-up show in Sydney tonight at The Record Crate, Glebe and new track ‘With You’ – another taste from their second studio album (due Oct 2017).

To celebrate the release of the new song, the trio has announced a last-minute intimate show to be held tonight in Sydney’s inner-west at The Record Crate, Glebe. Entry is free via RSVP on presenters Rare Finds’ website and subject to venue capacity.

Taking cues from the likes of The Roots and Gorillaz, eclectic new cut ‘With You’ combines themes of reggae, dub and hip-hop. Energetic front man Carlos Lara channels the vibes of Leon Bridges with his soul-infused and compelling vocal melodies, which are strongly complimented by the bands highly detailed and intriguing approach to composition and production.

Over the past twelve-months, the band has ripped through their first headline tour of Europe and UK, toured Australia multiple times selling out shows all around the country, re-invented themselves as a 2-piece acoustic duo supporting Sticky Fingers across the US and Canada, and had a line-up change. They’ve also just come off the back of Sureshaker’s Annual ‘Shake N Bake’ tour alongside; Boo Seeka, Gold Member and Lyall Moloney, where the band debuted new songs as well as their freshly streamlined, 3-piece flavour.

With a couple of months’ down time back at home, the group are currently working on their second album with longtime collaborator, Ian Pritchett. The upcoming record emphasises their melodic knack and explores a recent Rascal obsession for 80’s synth sounds and crunchy, old school drum machines. With splashes of Kid Cudi and Massive Attack, their new record is set to be an extension of everything we’ve come to love about the band, while delivering a new depth of maturity and some of their best song writing to date.

In the coming weeks, the band will reveal the accompanying music video for ‘With You’.

‘With You’ is available via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all good digital retailers Friday April 14

All tickets available from venue websites


** Free entry via RSVP at Rare Finds website

Miss Elm

Photo by Andrew Dahms photography

I’ve known Erin aka Miss Elm for a number of years and think she is a phenomenal talent as well as being such an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out.  She has done some incredible things with herself inside and out and the results speak for themselves. She has made changes in her life which I think what she has done is a real inspiration. Just look at her results speak for themselves.

You can find out more about this incredible talent here on her site and about her music here