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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Late July

Photo by Tara Noelle Photography

OK so interviewed Late July last week and is making this talented act my second beauty of the week on the site. She is incredibly beautiful totally switched on and has loads of talent. She is very much worth your time listening to she is amazing.

Photo by Matthew Pereira.

Alexandra Van Zeelandt


Photo by Stephen Dillon Photography

Ok so I’ve known Alexandra Van Zeelandt for a few years now and think she is a phenomenal talent, she is a model and she is simply stunning. A total sweetheart and is making a name for herself as an actor which I am happy about. She would be one of my favorite people interviewed and would be in my list of the most beautiful people I have ever interviewed. She is a jaw dropper. She is my first beauty of the week. I will continue to keep supporting this amazing talent always.


Photography by LMG Images

Late July

Photo by Tara Noelle Photography

Ok so I came across Late July last year and I love what I heard, so I think she may have liked something I posted up on Instagram was hooked. This talented beautiful Canadian artist has an EP coming out this year. So I had to ask her some questions about it and more.

You can pledge towards it here.  She is a talent worth checking out and one of my fav discoveries of last year.

Rya Meyers

Photo by Klose Up Photography

Ok Rya Meyers has been one of my favourite discoveries of the last few years. She is an incredibly talented actor who always delivers. With a new movie out called Table 19 which is doing great things and an awesome web series called V L O G which is doing wonderfully. I had to make this gorgeous friend of mine my site second beauty of the week this week. She is always a pleasure to interview on my site and I can see her doing some more amazing stuff as she has the talent. She kindly filmed something for my video on my site 15 years so far and she was the one person everyone was asking about in it.

Last photos by Jeni Rogers Photography


“[Nightmares] explores the band’s undeniable talent for masterfully crafting thoughtful emotive indie rock”
– Tone Deaf
“The lyrics of ‘So Numb’ have really gotten underneath my skin” – Sounds of Oz
“Its front-man Louis McDonald’s soulful voice and introspective lyrics that really guide us through”
– Happy

Melbourne rock/noise-pop outfit, Plastic releases their first single in over a year, ‘Has Anyone Ever Told You You’re Alive’. A banging, catchy slap in the face that sets the tone for their forthcoming sophomore EP, Air Conditioning.

‘Has Anyone Ever’ explodes out of a wall of static, an off-kilter melody carved from a 4-minute block of white noise. Clearing the static is front man Louis McDonald. With candid lyrics: “it’s all this staying up late… what part of this has you so confused?” sings Louis if not a little sarcastically, “Has anyone ever told you you’re alive?”

Honing the songs on their latest New Zealand tour, the band settled down in late 2016 for summer hibernation. Their first attempts at self-recording in a Collingwood sauna they call their studio proved fruitful.

Having previously sold out a headlining show in Auckland and support slots in Melbourne for the likes of Alex Lahey and Frida, Plastic launch ‘Has Anyone Ever’ at Bar Open on March 31. The release of EP Air Conditioning will follow in April.

Fragile Animals awesome new tune Signals. Killer tune very much worth your time.

Jessica Vaughn

Photos by Chris Wood

Ok so Jessica Vaughn is one of the few people who career I have been following for a very long time, first came across her in 2004, so it’s been a long time. She is a phenomenal talent, she can sing amazing, write incredible tunes that are a joy to the ears and have something to say. She is one of the hardest working musicians that I have had the pleasure of interviewing. She has been many names over the years but she has always put out first rate first class music that is something special. This drop dead gorgeous beautiful woman is my beauty of the week. There will be two this week and she is my first. This is a talented artist who will keep continuing to make amazing music.

My Camera is the new episode of V L O G,  featuring my amazing friend Rya Meyers.

Kaitlin Thomas

Photo by Alex Song Photography

Ok So Kaitlin Thomas is somebody who I came across online and loved what I was reading about, sent her an email, we connected and we did an interview and I have been supporting this actor/model career ever since and love what she does. Also totally amazed she agreed to film something for my video which I released about my site last year. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever interviewed on the site. She would be totally on my top 10 list of most beautiful people I have interviewed on my site if I have ever had one. This is why this gorgeous woman is my beauty of the week on my site.

More info visit

Photograph by Rut Photography

Photo by Dylan Patrick Photography

Photo by Raoul Brown

Photo by Ana Ochoa Photography