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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Australian born indie-pop songstress Beth Brown is the first Australian female to sign to the Gretsch Guitar USA family, captivating international audiences with her earthy and infectiously joyful tunes, trailblazing pathways to the U.S.

Her debut EP “Dream Coat” will be released in 2017, leading with single “Easy” which came out last thursday followed by an Australian Tour early January. Partnering with highly celebrated U.S. producer Brad Jones, Brown joins a list of critically acclaimed Australian Artists including Missy Higgins and Butterfly Boucher.
Taking a cue from industry changers like the Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and Prince, Brown loves the challenge of taking analogue instruments and placing them into contemporary production spheres and arrangements. Inspired by classic rockers like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, Brown’s respect for 1970’s glam is apparent in her melodies.

Relocating to Nashville in 2015, Brown shares that “[Nashville] has been the experience of a lifetime, and has lived up to its reputation as Music City. I’ve never felt so challenged and alive. It’s exactly what I wanted. Writing with Butterfly Boucher on this single was an absolute dream”.

Brown made her debut US appearance at Americana Fest 2015, playing Nashville’s prestigious Blue Bird Café and becoming the first female Australian artist to be endorsed by The Gretsch Company, welcomed personally by owner Fred Gretsch.

Co-writing with greats such as Shannon Sanders and Jerry Sally has launched Beth into the creative circles that have penned for mega-recording artists John Legend, Chris Stapleton, Celine Dion and India Arie.

“We are thrilled to have her carry the Gretsch name into a new era of Contemporary Music.”
Joe Carducci – Gretsch Marketing
JAN 6th – Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD
JAN 13th – Treehouse on Belongil, Byron Bay NSW
JAN 14th – Dusty Attic, Lismore NSW
JAN 19th – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW
FEB 2nd – Toff in Town, Melbourne VIC
FEB 17th – Live @ Lizottes, Newcastle NSW

I adore Christie Lamb and love all the amazing music she has done.  She has released her new killer tune Flamethrower. She is one of the best country singer songwriters performing in Australia right now.  She just signed to ABC Music. She is a star and I can’t wait to hear more.

Katey Laurel


Photos by Art Heffron

Katey Laurel is a fantastic singer songwriter from America who career I have been supporting for a while now.  With a Christmas album coming out titled This Is Christmas. I wanted to give this incredibly beautiful woman some more love on my site by making her a beauty of the week. I suggest you get the album, I have.





Allison Kugel

wet-hair coverpic

So Allison is releasing a book which I am very much looking forward to reading. I thought I would make her my beauty of the week this week. Why because she is drop dead gorgeous, a total sweetheart. Just look at her she is stunning and a real pleasure to know and lucky to have been able to interview her.

high-res img_1184 img_1185

Allison Kugel


Allison Kugel is one of my favorite people I have interviewed on the site. She has written a book called Journaling Fame: A Memoir of a Life Unhinged and on the Record. She aims to have it out in February and I asked her about the book and more.

1. Why did you write the book?

This book began as a diary during a tumultuous time in my life, when I had resigned from my position as Senior Editor of, I was going through a divorce, and experiencing a large amount of anxiety in my life. I began journaling about the anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing since writing has always been my outlet. That journaling began to bleed into journaling about my experiences in interviewing so many famous people over a ten year period. Before I knew it, I could see the makings of a book. A hybrid of my personal experiences and challenges, and my professional experiences as an entertainment journalist.

2. How did work out the way the book was going to be structured?

Well the book kind of found its own way, because as I mention, it really started off as a journal, and very stream of consciousness. I took a look at the content and realized I had a great story to share, and so then I began to structure it into chapters. But the book still has this sort of non-linear structure that takes you into flashbacks, present day, and back again. It takes you on a journey that has both light and dark moments.

3. Were you happy how it all came out in the end?

Yes, very much so. I really hope that people will get a lot out of reading my story. I hope to inspire people with both my successes but also my failures and challenges. My story, like most people’s stories, is a dramedy.

4. Was it hard to get a publisher involved in the book?

At this point it is being self-published, but with an excellent production team whom I trust with their expertise. It could find its way to a traditional publisher, but I felt two things. Number one, I wanted to tell my story the way I want to tell it. Number two, I knew I had the capability of getting the word out about my book. So far I have gotten more press before it’s even come out than some people get with a traditional publisher once their book is released.

5. When do you plan to have the book out?

I am looking at February of 2017 right now.

6. Are you happy with the buzz you are getting with the pr for the book being released?

Very much so. I am so pleased with the early buzz for my book and I am even more excited to have some of these same journalists actually give it a read and review it once it is out.

7. What did you learn from the making of this book?

I’ve learned that everyone should engage in the exercise of sitting down in front of a computer and writing their memoir, whether it is for public consumption or just for yourself or your family. It is such an incredible exercise to embark on, and so therapeutic.

8. What do you think has been the major highlight of your career and your life in general?

The major highlight of my life is my son, and all that I am putting into raising him and shaping him into the man he will become, along with his father. The major highlight of my career is a tricky one, because I no longer believe in destinations. I only believe in the journey at this point. But really, it’s been all about people. I would probably say the 10 years I spent interviewing people as a journalist has been a highlight, because it was truly my honor to tell these people’s stories to my readers.

9. Do you have a favorite interview you have done or are their just too many?

I would say some of my favorites were Russell Simmons, Kristin Chenoweth, Mike Tyson, Jenna Jameson, Congressman Ron Paul, Chilli from the group TLC, Shannen Doherty, Kathy Hilton, Melissa Rivers, 50 Cent and Giuliana Rancic. These are really good people whose company I enjoyed whether the recorder was on or not.

10. Is it always wise to be prepared when interviewing a celebrity?

Oh, yes! It is a job and I took my job very seriously. I would spend a good 24 hours in deep preparation, learning about the person’s life and career. It was very important to me. I didn’t have someone else do the research for me and just hand me some notes. That’s ridiculous, and kind of disrespectful in my opinion.

11. Do you always have a backup plan if it doesn’t go the way you want it to?


12. Why do you think so many people like to be controversial and try and ask questions about their private life especially when something has happened?

I think it comes down to a lack of creativity. In my interviews I always found it more beneficial to ask outside the box questions that other journalists would never think to ask. I found that I was able to get media coverage for my interviews and create great sound bites and quotes to promote without embarrassing anyone.

13. What next for yourself?

Continuing to grow my app, the Upitch App and perhaps there is another book


All right every year I do a best of list and this year is no exception. Still cannot believe the site is 15 years old but it is. So let’s get down to business. A big thank-you again to everyone who contributed to the video.

Talent/Beauty Of The Year and Person To Watch Out For In 2017

Michelle Ellen Jones


Photo by Daniel Horande

So when I came across Michelle, I was like who is this person. I need to know more. So I contacted her and the rest is history. She is an incredibly beautiful down to earth, caring person. She is a fantastic actor and puts 110% in all that she does. I can see all the amazing stuff she is doing will land her good roles and everybody will wanna work with her. I will always give her love and support on my site here. Not only that she does ballroom dancing, is a pageant coach and teaches yoga. She is a winner by me.

Favorite interview I’ve done on the site so far celebrating 15 years of the site

Michelle Page


Photo by Patric Massou/Patrick Massou.

My support for Michelle is never ending, if you watched the video I said she was my favorite person I interviewed. I think she is an acting power house. She is one of the kindest hard-working people I know and always gives 110% in all that she does. I’m still honored. I get to be her friend. She is such a beautiful person inside and out.

Rya Meyers

Rya is an actor watch out for, a fantastic actor and has always been a pleasure to interview. She is extremely beautiful and a total sweetheart.


Coming across them was like wow, Easy Nothing one of the best songs to come out in ages. This Canadian act is gonna set the world by storm. Feel Alright is a solid debut EP.

Olivia May

With new music on the way, this gorgeous talented musician and actor has 2017 in the bag, She is a star.

Client Liaison

The year of Client Liaison and their fantastic debut album Diplomatic Immunity, This is an album that is made for summer and basically all year round. Just puts you in a good mood.

Vaudeville Smash

The Gift by Vaudeville Smash is one of my favourite albums of the year. Their launch at The Gasometer was so good. If you like a real band, who does really good music to dance to then these guys are it. They let me use a tune for The Parx-e Story.

King Of The North

King Of The North are just awesome there are no two words about it. Get Out Of Your World is just plain rocking. Get it and crank it loud.

Lexi Strate

Lexi Strate is a fantastic Canadian talent and loved what I heard and had to interview her. Diamond Eyes is such a catchy pop tune that worthy of your ears. Her EP Waves is a must have for pop fans.

Destiny Love

Destiny Love would have to be one of my all time favourite people interviewed on this site. She is an incredibly talented lady who can sing, act, she teaches Yoga and is all-round inspiring lady. She is an extremely beautiful woman inside and out and the future is bright for this amazing lady.

Georgia Mae

Georgia Mae is a singer songwriter with the songs and buzz to back it up. This Aussie talent is going to take the world by storm. She kindly let me use her tunes for The Parx-e Story and my Sydney video coming out hopefully next week.

Rival Sons

Seeing these guys play at Cherry Bar with one of my best mates was a dream come true. They are one of the best rock and roll bands going around today. Their new album Hollow Bounds only adds to that.

Christie Lamb

With a new song out and a new album out on the way. This talented country musician is going from strength to strength,

Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lankes new EP. Chelsea Lankes just confirms that she is a pop star in the making. She can sing and has the songs to back it up. Every song on it is so good.

Ella Cannon


Photo by Johnny Diaz Creatives

Ella is kicking butt as an actor in USA and I am really happy for her. I know how good she is as an actor. She still such a stunning beautiful woman with the most perfect figure, She is somebody who works her butt off to make it all happen and it’s paying off. She is doing stuff on an exciting TV series and I will always be behind her.

Lauren Jenkins

I first came across Lauren in the movie Deadline and didn’t know she was a singer songwriter and yes she first rate in both, Her EP The Nashville Sessions shows off how talented she is. Plus how amazing her voice is and how her song writing shines, She to me is the complete package and soon everybody will wanna work with her.

Melissa Johnston

Melissa is still an amazing actor and I know she keeps doing amazing work. Her new venture Cuddle Bear Pet Care is doing well. I am very happy for her.

The Stratford 4

One of all time favourite albums is Love & Distortion by The Stratford 4 and they are back and they finally released their long awaited 3rd album Keep Your Crazy Head On Straight and it’s a winner by me

Kult Kyss

These cats I have known for a while now and two of the nicest people in the scene. They are gonna be huge mark my words.

Chelsey Crisp

Ok when I interview people, I interview them because I believe in what they are doing and will always continue to support them on their rise up. I had no way of knowing how far the gorgeous Chelsey Crisp would get with an outstanding role on the comedy series Fresh Off The Boat. Chelsey Crisp is doing amazing stuff and it’s great to see.

Elektrik People

Elektrik People with their amazing EP Stargazer, I Was hooked when I heard Stay Late, their electro sound is something else. So good.


I dig Passerine and all they have done this year. I love what these cats do and I will continue to support them.

Robert Parker

This talented Swedish artist I came across on YouTube and totally dig his retro sound. His album Crystal City is a retro album just made for driving and cruising around like you’re in the 80’s. Got to interview him for Parx-e when he came down to Melbourne for SquareSound..

Heather Longstaffe

Heather is still kicking goals and still doing amazing stuff. Will always support her. She is one of the nicest people I have ever meet. She is a fine songwriter and no doubt will have everybody wanting work with her real soon.


Ganbaru by Yeo is an excellent album and another winner in his amazing catalogue of tunes. This talented Aussie does no wrong by me.


Moreton is a new band and boy are they good. Their debut EP Specimen is incredible and I am a huge fan of it. This Aussie band can do no wrong by me. I can’t wait to hear more.

Danielle Deckard

When I got asked to interview her, I was like sure. When I saw her play wow, she has the songs.

Shannon Hurley

Shannon is still going strong and still doing amazing music.

Katie Cole

Now based in Nashville I am still getting behind this talented Aussie singer songwriter.

One Less Reason

One Less Reason have released an awesome rock album this year with The Memories Uninvited. The opening track Break Me, Seriously wow what a way to open an album.

Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey is another amazing singer songwriter from America who I have had the pleasure of meeting and have interviewed on the site. She has released a new tune this year and she got the talent to go far.


Great Melbourne two piece, love what these guys do. Cool unique sound.

Jo Kathleen Marie

The Next Step by Jo is an excellent tune for this Melbourne singer songwriter. She got a bright future ahead of her.


One of my all time favorite singer songwriter and love all the amazing music she has released this year.


Dream come true to interview Earl again. Even better when she kindly filmed something for my video.

Amy Schafnitz

Amy is an actor who career I have been supporting for a while and will continue to support this incredibly beautiful talented actor.


DMA’s are an exciting Aussie band who keep putting out amazing music and Hill’s End is one of the most exciting debut album in ages.


Hen is such a talented artist who works I will continue to keep supporting. She such a beautiful person inside and out. She such a incredible songwriter with a catalogue of fine songs

Demi Louise

If there is anyone, who is gonna be one of Australia biggest musicians, Demi Louise is it. She is such a talented hardworking musician who has the determination and drive to see it all thru.

Katey Laurel


Photos by Art Heffron

With a Christmas album titled This Is Christmas being released. This stunning singer songwriter is going from strength to strength and I will be supporting her always.

Alicia Sky


Photo by Dovvi

Alicia Sky is the complete package. She is a fantastic singer. She is incredibly beautiful and has an amazing figure. With her debut album out next year, this singer is on her way to a successful music career.

Francesca De Valence

With her debut album Own Self coming out last year. This singer songwriter has shown she has the songs and talent to go far. The album itself is well produced and is worth your time.

Tori Tate

I will always have time for Tori and will continue to support.

Kate Boy

I’ve known Kate like 10 years now and finally seeing them play earlier in the year was a dream come true. They are one of the most exciting acts on the planet right now and a destined to be a household name.

Smoking Martha

This rock’n’roll band from Aussie tick all the boxes for me.


Now based in Europe see this Aussie rock’n’roll band going from strength to strength,

Hilary Kennedy

I adore Hilary and I’m blessed to know her. She is fantastic and what she does and enjoys seeing her blog posts on her.

Rachel Layne

This talented Canadian artist ticks all the boxes for me. She is a hard working artist and I can see her having a long successful career.

Albums Of The Year

Client Liaison – Diplomatic Immunity
Vaudeville Smash – The Gift
Rival Sons – Hollow Bounds
Yeo – Ganbaru
Robert Parker – Crystal City
One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited
King Of The North – Get Out Of Your World
DMA’s – Hills End

EP’s Of The Year

Elektrik People – Stargazer
Moreton – Specimen
Chelsea Lankes – Chelsea Lankes
Lexi Strate – Waves
Youngblood – Feel Alright
Lauren Jenkins – The Nashville Sessions


I really only saw three this year and they were all excellent.

Hunt for The Wilderpeople
The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

TV Shows

NCIS: New Orleans
NCIS: Los Angeles
Hawaii 5-0
Man Up

800 Words


Rival Sons @ Cherry Bar

Kate Boy @ The Forum

Client Liaison Twice @ The Forum

King Of The North @ The Tote

Vaudeville Smash @ Gasometer

Yeo @ Howler & The Corner Hotel

Any gig I went to @ Joyluck Studios

HPKNS @ The Workers Club

Youngblood @ Australian Music Week


Jo Kathleen Marie

Version 2

Jo Kathleen Marie like loads of other people emailed me and when I heard her song The Next Step it was like wow, this is amazing. We stayed in touch and I knew I had to interview her here on Parx-e. She answered my questions and yes I have seen her live and she is amazing live. So watch out for Jo as she got talent in spades. She was nominated for Darebin Music Feast Songwriters Award.

1. How did it feel to be nominated for a songwriting award?

It was an absolute honour to be one of the 10 finalists for the award. I was at work when I received the phone call and it didn’t really sink in until I read the email three times over just to be sure! Definitely a highlight in my career.

2. What do you think you gain from the whole experience?

Getting to see so many talented songwriters play in the one place was so energising and inspiring. It truly is a reminder of how incredible the Melbourne music scene is!

3. Has that added fuel to the fire for your songwriting?

Yes. I’m back in the studio working on the next single and have shifted up north to write some new songs.

4. What was the inspiration behind The Next Step?

I wrote The Next Step to help shine a light on Mental Health and empower others to do the same. This was inspired by a masterclass with Tom Larkin at last years Darebin Music Feast. The song is about a journey through hardship leading to positive self-discovery. The song is a reflection of my own experience and having to keep up appearances to meet expectations. I was unfortunate to be in an environment at the time that turned a blind eye. I didn’t want anyone to feel like they are alone in what they’re going through so I wrote The Next Step to help break the stigma. Keep an eye out at for an awareness video i’ll be dropping this week for Aus Music Month!

5. What was the recording process like for the song?

I learned so much through the recording process! I approached Hayden Calnin via The Push Songs program during the pre-production stage where we explored sounds I could use for the production. I’d also see Ainslie Wills for vocal coaching directly before driving over to the studio in the mornings to record with Alexander Biggs. In the studio, we built the foundation of the song with atmospheric guitars. The electonic drums were later added by Tali Sing.

6. Was it different to anything else you have done before?

It definitely was a different experience. I’d worked with Alexander Biggs on the last two singles as well, but we had a different approach to push this song into a more sparse direction and use electronic drums for the first time.

7. What have you learnt from putting the song out and getting buzz behind it?

I’ve learned not to be afraid of being vulnerable. I was vocal about what the song stood for as I’d written it to help shine a light on mental health. So many people in my life have been affected by this yet it tends to get swept under the rug. It was honestly very unexpected to hear back from media and even be reviewed by the crew at Triple J Unearthed. There was a lot of support behind the track and it’s meaning. I’m very grateful for this and feel a little more confident to share more music in 2017!

8. What do you hope 2017 have in store for you?

More new music. More news. I won’t give too much away!

9. Any new shows in the pipeline?

I recently had a ball playing with Memphis Kelly (Saatsuma) at Gene & Peta for Coup: Melbourne! I’ve been busy working with Speaks Music to create films of events around Melbourne for Aus Music Month so no new shows for Jo Kathleen Marie this year but keep an eye out in 2017. Everyone should definitely head out for Melbourne Music Week and support local music this month! Also check out Feelds, Howlite and Swim Season in December.

Centre & The South with their song Take It As It Comes it’s a pretty cool tune and I’m digging it.

Michael Slater with his new tune Dreaming of you is pretty sweet have a listen here

My man Yeo is back with a new video clip Frost and the song is seriously killer if you weren’t at The Corner Hotel you missed out on a killer show.

Cool new song by Across The Atlas get behind it

Kira Lynn


Kira Lynn is a fantastic Canadian country singer songwriter doing good things in Nashville and I loved what I heard from this gorgeous singer songwriter. We chatted all things music, so please read on.

So thanks to the wonders of new technology, I was chatting to fantastic Canadian country artist Kira Lynn yesterday. She spends most of her time in Nashville and she is gaining a lot from being there and is moving their next year. She started out writing by herself but has been co writing with others and her song writing has gained from it.

She was luckily enough earlier in her career she got to perform with the David Foster band and she gained a lot and learnt from the experience. She has come from an Artistic family and the sky the limit for this fantastic country singer songwriter. She is a huge fan of Adele and when I asked whom she would have a video clip, and it would be Adele.

She does have moments where she just can’t write and has to focus on something else before she comes back to it. Her songs are personal and she has written the romantic songs and there is nothing wrong with that. She hopes to record some more singles and I for one can’t wait to hear them

I can see Kira doing very well with her music. I for one is looking forward to hearing new tunes from her. She got my support from now on and I can’t wait to see her play live.

Danielle Deckard is a fantastic singer songwriter and this clip is amazing. She knows how make a clip and get your attention. I adore what she does and she very much has a future and I can see good things ahead.